The Full Story


Founded in 2015 by Dan Marx. Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI - The home of the NBA Champions, The Milwaukee Bucks!

With over 20yrs of Sales & Marketing experience, being in the supply chain software industry for a long time, Dan had a unique ability to see what others couldn't. 

And in 2015, Supply Chain Connection was born (rebranded ReShift in 2020). 

With hundreds & hundreds of site visits under his belt and seeing a wide range of challenges from a wide range of companies, Dan had a growing success of solving these challenges but also developing growth plans for success. 

Enhancing what is working, seeing other revenue streams, solving bottlenecks, filling in the gaps and reaching the goals for each company he works with. 

As the Elite  full service Sales & Marketing Consulting Firm, we offer a twist. 


Full Service Sales & Marketing

Full service means just that. At ReShift, we do the work. We have the resources that companies don't right now. We have the expertise that companies don't have right now. 

We also share the work load as well as offer DIY. 

The Twist

ReShift has the resources & technologies that other digital marketing agencies offer, but again, with a twist.

That twist: WE DON'T FOCUS OR OFFER ON JUST ONE DIGITAL MARKETING AREA such as SEO or ads. We focus on the big picture to deliver the best, fastest and most cost effective results. 

Our technologies & partners are the best, which is why we can offer cost effective solutions.

Our other twist: We, here at ReShift, get to work. Rolling up our sleeves, we start delivering what companies need when it comes to Sales & Marketing Success. 

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  • Technologies

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  • Plans

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