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Analysis & Diagnostics

Website Analysis

Get a website analysis beyond Google Analytics

Find out: 

  • Where your traffic is coming from

  • Performance of the last 3 months

  • How much website traffic you have

  • Is the website traffic the RIGHT traffic?

  • Is the traffic net new?

  • Is the traffic Sales driven or Marketing?

  • True SEO breakdown - Website vs Online

  • Submit the Form & get your report the same day (orders before 4pm cst)

  • It's that easy.


Backend Developer
Blockchain Developer

Full Diagnostic

Includes Website Analysis PLUS:

  • Buyer behavior analysis

  • Online Digital Footprint

  • Online SEO - beyond website & local seo

  • Social Media Buyers Behaviors - Beyond likes, followers & comments - what is REALLY working or not.

  • Paid Advertising Analysis

  • Conversion Analysis

  • 5 Competitor Side by Side Comparison

  • Referral & Industries attracting buyers to you

  • Marketing Channels breakdown of what is working or not


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