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Digital Footprint Valuation

Improve Your Sales & Marketing by Improving Your Digital Online Footprint. 

  • Get Your Scorecard in Key Areas Customers look for

  • How you are viewed online & digitally. 

  • Accuracies

  • Complete SEO Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Full Report in 24hrs or less

  • Complete Report showing what areas need changes and HOW TO make the changes in detail. 

  • $1,000

BDR & AE HealthCheck

Is the BDR Team and AE Team aligned?

  • Process Review - Qualification & Pass Off

  • BDR Payscale & Bonus Review

  • Is the system & process being manipulated?

  • Are the AEs really happy with the leads? 

  • Are the BDRs sending true quality?

  • Are the AEs accepting leads just to get the BDR paid?

  • Should the pipeline be bigger? Closing faster?

  • Technology being used and outsourcing lead gen services.

  • Turnover review.

  • Full Report & Actionable items to change key areas or improve areas. 

  • Free 1hr phone review of findings & reporting

  • $1,000

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Marketing & Sales Plans Evaluation

Does the plan make sense? Is it feasible? Is it a 180 of last year? 

  • Review current and future Marketing/Sales/Strategy Plans

  • Review Budgets

  • Review future acquisitions plans

  • Social Media/Tradeshow/Conferences

  • Partnerships/Sponsorships

  • Tech Stack - Present & Future

  • Full Reporting

  • FREE 1hr overview of reporting (if needed) 

  • $1,000

Marketing Consultation

Need help but not sure where or how to begin?

  • Deep dive 1hr intro overview of company currently. What you do, have done, wish list, current customers, sales, etc. 

  • Next - 2hr strategy session scheduled with 24hrs

  • Maximize options for tech, social, resources, strategy, plan of attack and cost/budget options for what you are seeking & should expect

  • Build out option of plan for you specific for company

  • Full Report with details of strategy session sent within 72hrs, including option plan.

  • $2,500

Chart analysis
Video Call

Virtual Online Assessment

Are their areas of improvement? Want improvement? Need improvement but unsure where or how to tackle?

  • Pre Questionnaire Survey by key people (Marketing, C Level, Sales)

  • 72 hr review & virtual interviews with key people from questionnaire survey

  • Each session takes roughly 45 min per person or less

  • Uncover bottlenecks, miscommunications, reviews current plans, strategies, budgets, tech stack, team

  • Reviews what's not workings and what is working

  • Complete plan & overview delivered within one week after virtual sessions

  • 1hr review with key stakeholders

  • Full reporting review of findings and next step options

  • $5,000

Deep Dive Assessment

Process, Strategy and Execution

  • Everything included with Virtual Online Assessment 

  • Deep Dive 

  • Financial Health Review

  • Key one on one time with C level

  • Deep dive into departments and it's people

  • Review of all plans, campaigns, strategies, current and future

  • In person or virtual

  • Full reporting review

  • Profit & revenue opportunities being missed

  • Execution plans/options of key changes, enhancement, opportunities

  • $10,000

Shaking Hands
Business People Applauding

3 Day On Site

Train, Retain, Evaluate, Strategize & Execute

  • Departments don't always have the same agenda. 

  • It might SEEM like they are working together but are they siloed?

  • Does Marketing, Sales, BDR & C Level have their own plans? Working together but on their own?

  • Is your company reactive more than it is proactive?

  • Are people in their right positions or are you spending more money on time tasks?

  • Aligning the company is more than growing year over year. You could still be "losing" money.

  • We're the voice your teams need.

  • 3 days on site 

  • Day 1 - Marketing Department

  • Day 2 - Sales - AEs and BDR/SDRs

  • Day 3 - C Level and Department heads

  • No PowerPoints, No Certifications, No Templates

  • $25,000

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