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Strategy, Process, Plans & Execution

We help companies develop, and improve their marketing by creating processes, plans, and a strategy that can be implemented with revenue-generating results. 

  • Eliminating waste - Bandaids

  • Consolidating technologies that do the same thing

  • Create Plans & Roadmaps

  • Building Scaleability

  • Automation

  • Or Simply consult & a second pair of eyes on the project

  • And more

Social Media Marketing

We help companies & enable existing teams to use marketing as a revenue generator

  • Manage all social media in one location

  • Schedule & manage posts from one location

  • Manage & view all ad spend

  • Analytics

  • All in One Dashboard

  • Unlimited Users

  • Create leads with followers & likes

We also help develop a social media strategy. 

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Reputation Management & Reviews

Manage your company's Online Reputation & Reviews

  • Manage Online Reputation Management

  • Automate & Manage Reviews

  • Get Ranked higher on Google

  • Improve SEO

  • Increase Customer Service & Customer Success Teams

  • All in one dashboard

  • Unlimited Users

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Improve your Company's SEO 

  • Both local & national SEO

  • We increase & improve keywords

  • Increase Rankings

  • Organic Improvement

  • Help with paid advertising

  • Improve traditional Google Ad ROI once SEO is fixed

  • Get found faster

  • And more

PR Office

Task Management

ReShift provides all the typical marketing tasks needed to run your marketing efforts. 

  • Projects need extra hands

  • Tasks take added time that internal teams or leaders need to allocate to focus on the core of the project

  • From one task area to entire projects 

  • Examples include

    • Content Creation

    • Email Marketing, development & management

    • Campaign creation & launches

    • Social media posts

    • LinkedIn engagement

    • Blogs

    • Editing Videos for social media

    • And much more

Animated Explainer Videos 

Animated explainer videos are a great way to explain your business, products and services in a fun way. 

  • Perfect for explaining a new or existing product

  • Explain your business in an easy way

  • Great for websites, social media & email marketing campaigns

  • Great for landing pages

  • Great to show in a loop at Trade shows & Conferences

  • Great for sales

  • Great for how your company is different than the competition. 

  • The list goes on and on. 

How it works:

  • We help you with the script to be 90 seconds or less

  • You give us your logo & website

  • We create the animated video with voice over. 

  • You get one animated video with and without subtitles

  • Deliverable is 1 week per video (includes revisions if needed).