In a Meeting
Strategy, Process, Plans & Execution

We help companies develop, improve their marketing by creating process, plans and a strategy that can be implemented with revenue generating results. 

  • Eliminating waste

  • Stop throwing good money at bad

  • Keeping it Simple

  • Asses, review and implement

  • Develop plans & projects

Task Management

ReShift provides all the typical marketing tasks needed to run your marketing efforts. 

  • Projects need extra hands

  • Tasks take added time that internal teams or leaders need to allocate to focus on the core of the project

  • From entire projects to one off tasks

  • Examples include

    • Content Creation, writing & development

    • Social media posts

    • LinkedIn engagement

    • Blogs

    • Editing Videos for social media

Casual Business Meeting

Social Media Marketing

We help companies & enable existing teams to use marketing as a revenue generator

  • How to create engaging content

  • Content that can be used in emails, social media and other drivers to convert into buyers

  • How to use LinkedIn the right way

  • Think like a buyer

  • Branding yourself & company

  • Changing perception or narrative of your company

Resources & Training

Sometimes additional resources are needed. We help companies by providing resources they need now. Long & short term. 
We also provide training & 
coaching in all areas of marketing - Helping business understand how to use marketing as a revenue generator. 

  • One on One Coaching - Executive 

  • Marketing Coaching/Training

  • Team Coaching/Training

  • Marketing Personnel Resources

  • Creators, content writers, graphic designers, web dev, social media managers, etc. 

  • B2B Marketing Software to help teams improve tasks & time management, project management or we can manage for you

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