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Before ReShift
  • Transitional Leadership

  • Operations complicated

  • Sales based on incoming only

  • No commercial sales

  • No clear leadership roles

  • Founder issues & bottlenecks

  • Backlog of orders

After ReShift
  • OmSite Assessment 

  • Uncovered bottlenecks & miscommunications:

    • Sales, Marketing, Operations & Manufacturing​

  • Defined roles

  • In depth reporting of missed profitable opportunities

  • Hired Commercial Sales Manager

  • Company wide on same page

  • Variety of execution plans for growth, fixes and scale

Before ReShift
  • Acquired Pistonheads - inherited vast 3rd party suppliers from ad production to ad serving

  • Each supplier came with its own unique challenges - making things more complicated

After ReShift
  • Deep Dive Assessment

  • Revamped workflow 

  • From sale to ad flight

  • Identified where integrated savings were and fixed

  • Reducing costs in ad cost and management and eliminated 3rd party suppliers/confusion

  • Increased sales

  • Streamlined ad process from campaigns to creation to launch to management

  • Eliminating duplicate efforts 

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