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Why is Geo Targeted Advertising Important for your business? 

And want to buy from you.

Who are looking for you. 
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ReShift Email Marketing
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Here's how it works

We build and send Opted In email marketing campaigns. 

Opted In means: They said YES to wanting to see more, learn more or sign up for your business. And were searching within the last 24-48hrs.

We focus on 100s of data points based specifically on your business. 

We target by:

And more - See PDF brochure below for full details.

We do all the work. We send out a min of 32K opted in marketing campaigns per month. 

*The FTC & Google made MAJOR changes, so no longer is cold email marketing going to work. It will no longer be a slap on the wrist. If gaining more prospects and customers is your goal - this is the way to go. Low cost. Easy to start. 


Targeted Audience by
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