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  • Email Marketing

    Every month
    Email Marketing Campaigns for You
    • We develop & launch email marketing campaigns
    • Emails delivered on your behalf
    • Leads delivered direct to your inbox
    • We build targeted list based upon your qualification specs
    • Target titles, contacts based on your qualification specs
    • We build & deliver direct to your key prospects
    • We deliver complete contact details
    • Month to Month
    • Project to Project
    • Specific Show, Webinar, Conference Campaigns
    • Cancel Anytime
    • Continue as long as you like
    • Up to 500 contacts per month prospected
    • No Onboarding Fee
    • Get Started Right Away
  • 5 Point Assessment

    Virtual Assessment of Online Reputation & Profitability
    Valid for one month
    • Complete Assessment for Your Company
    • Delivered in 72hrs
    • Assesses 5 key areas of Online & Digital Footprint
    • Social Media, Reputation, SEO, Listing, Website
    • Also includes Missing Profits Analysis
    • Profitability ROI on current business spend
    • No financial statements or P&L access needed.
    • 2 Complete Reports - Online & Profit Assessment
    • Reports include key areas with full details on any issues
    • And changes that need to be made in detail
  • Consulting Services

    Marketing Consulting
    Valid for one month
    • Perfect for help with all things Marketing
    • Complete Plan Development
    • Strategy Development
    • Sales Development
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Leadership
    • Guidance
    • How To
    • Strategy
    • Execution
    • Team Training
    • Projects
  • Business Development

    Business Development Team Strategy
    Valid for one month
    • Assessment of Current SDR/BDR Process
    • Strategy & Organization of Teams
    • Increase Quality of Leads Passed
    • Increase Process & Speed of SDR/BDR Roles
    • Revamp Bonus & Pay Structure to Maximize Wins
    • Maximize Teams & Technologies for Faster & Higher Qualifiers
    • Eliminate Turnover
    • Eliminate Smile & Dial Process
    • Complete Plan Delivered in 72hrs
  • Social Media

    Social Media Marketing Strategy
    Valid for one month
    • Need help with Social Media Marketing
    • Increase Followers, Likes, Buyers AND more
    • Review Current Social Media Marketing
    • Assess and Develop Plan for Social Media
    • Assess current technologies for maximum results
    • Best Practices
    • How tos
    • When to and how to advertise
    • Future plans and team allocations
    • Get Started Right Away
  • Project Management

    Every month
    Project Management thru
    • We will build Real Time Project Management Dashboard
    • Unlimited team members
    • Real Time and interactive
    • Real Time Accountability
    • Fully Customized per your Project Needs
    • App available for Apple & Android
    • Per Project Basis
    • Unlimited Number of Projects can be ran
    • Unlimited Project Boards
    • Manage Budgets, Spend
    • Attach documents, emails, graphics, videos
    • Assign Team/Individual Assignments
    • No more excuses of "I didn't see that"
    • Easy to use
    • No set up fees. Everything is included
    • All your team has to do is run the project
    • Get Started Right Away
    • Cancel Anytime or Continue each month