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Afraid to sell or pitch?

We all are great at our jobs & business when we are in a comfortable setting or on the top of our game. But when it comes to selling, some people just simply freeze up. Then walk away after the meeting feeling defeated and going over all the mistakes they made.

Why did I say that?

What was I thinking?

Why didn't I say this?

And the list goes on and on. And some people just ramble on and on. So when the next sales meeting comes, they just recap all the bad mistakes they made. And the nerves kick in overdrive. In fact, the meeting might not be until the next day! So then what happens? No sleep. Tired for the meeting. And just plain want to get it over with.

So how do you over come this fear of selling? How to you gain the confidence for the next meeting? And the next?

And no, DO NOT PICTURE THEM NAKED! Bad advice.

It's more than knowing your business like the back of your hand. That is one piece of the puzzle but that isn't the key factor.

Most people go into a sales meeting wanting to win the deal. And you should go into every meeting thinking that way. But that is where the nerves kick in. Because some people are so pressured to get the sale on the first go that they go in only thinking of the sale or the loss.


So here's ONE easy tip you should take into every sales meeting/pitch/etc.

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Ready? And no, I'm not going to tell you to breathe. Or do some meditation shit. Or tell yourself positive things. Those are good but for some people, like me, doing that puts more pressure on me to MAKE THE SALE!

So do this instead.

The next time you have a sales pitch or a meeting with someone, after the greetings/intros and you're sitting in front of them. First thing you do is picturing them saying to you RIGHT AWAY: "Explain this to me so I can tell & refer 100 businesses I know to you tomorrow that will buy. Since I won't be buying from you today. Tell me about why this is important, the challenges it solves and who it is a perfect fit for."

Go into every meeting that you aren't pitching the person in THAT sales meeting but rather that they want to tell 100 others about you, who WILL buy from you the next day.

The reason why this scenario has helped me and others we have coached, is because it relaxes you. Takes the pressure off you to "sell" and do what we like to call, Sell without selling.

Imagine how excited you would be going into a meeting not getting one sale but telling this person or person(s) that they will refer 100 buyers to you the next day? And if there is more than one person in the meeting, imagine each person will give you 100 buyers the next day. Five people, 500 buyers!

Can you feel the excitement happening to you already? Where did that fear go? Wait, what fear?


If you go in NOT pitching as a sales person but rather telling that person who will tell 100 others to buy from you the next day (which will be guaranteed), the pressure is off. The vast excitement is there! Because you already feel 100 sales coming. And they already told you it is coming. So you have nothing to worry about except, go through your pitch but now more relaxed, more excited.

So remember, you aren't pitching to this prospect because they are giving you 100 buyers tomorrow! So just simply tell them the benefits. Why it works. Why it helps and who it is perfect for.

Dan Marx is the CEO of ReShift. With over 20yrs experience in sales, marketing and supply chain operations, Dan is the ultimate strategist for working with companies on optimal success in every area of the company.

Interested in Dan for training, consulting, speaker, panelist or contributor, contact Dan directly at

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