Business Development is not Lead Generation

A lot of companies get this area confused. When it comes to business development, companies assume it's sitting someone down in a seat, picking up the phone and dialing away. Thus it IS lead generation. At least, in their minds.

In order to have successful lead generation, companies need to understand the process of successful business development. Business Development is the process of developing business. No kidding, right?

So how is it different?

If a company wants to simply have transactional sales and be looked at as expendable & not a leader in the industry, then lead generation is for them. But if a company wants to stand out, be a leader in their industry and retain customers year after year, then business development is for them.

Lead generation = No relationship building. Churn & Burn. High employee turnover. Smile & Dial. In theory, it seems like a good idea but in today's world, it's a broken process.

Business Development = Building relationships, listening to prospects, share those with marketing, achieve more. Quality becomes quantity. Retention on customers & employees are higher, look at as a leader & sales become easier to get. If the process is done correctly.

So the next time you Google how to find "the best lead generation company in the United States" or "How to I get more leads" or "Which company is the best at appointment setting", remember, you will be contacting a call center that simply wants to churn and burn. And they will hurt your brand by their process.

Forget lead generation. If companies want to be successful, they need to build internal business development teams or outsource to companies that are not call centers and align with the true business development model.

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