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Can a $20 Workbook Change Your Business? Sure Can! Here's how....

A business owner wants more sales. They want to stand out and have their brand be noticed. Seen as the leader. They want to make sure that their content gets engagement and not lost in the world of AI.

They want to train their people to be better sales people, that can close more deals faster.

They want the right people in the right positions.

They want onboarding to be easy.

They want training to be easy.

They want to build confidence.

They want their employees (and themselves) to retain and implement easily, to be successful in any department. At any level. Without having to spend a ton of money, trying yet ANOTHER training session, expert or workshop,

Oh AND without spending their time sitting down doing one on ones. So something that isn't time consuming and self paced.

So how do you do that?

Easy - Got $20? That's all you need!

We created several courses and workshops for business owners, team leads and their employees at every level, in multiple departments. Along with these comes ONE workbook. Since it is used differently based on who is using it and in what capacity.

BUT it gets everyone on the same page of what they do and their unique value proposition within the company itself.

We know A LOT of people NEED help just growing their business or getting their messaging right or training their staff to sell better or close more deals - but the problem most of the time is TIME.

The second issue is that not everyone can afford our workshops. Or even our one on one or group coaching sessions.

So we decided to give everyone the option to get value, help with all areas when it comes to selling and some fast tracking to implement now. BUT we can't just give it away. So we are offering our workshop workbook for only $20! No workshop to sign up for needed!

This is what our business owners and teams are using daily after taking our workshops.

Get your today and start today. It will be the best $20 you ever spent.

Visit to lear more about all of our services, including advertising, seo, training, coaching, consulting and more!

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