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Fear of Failure or Fear of Success?

Many people have a fear of failure. For the simple reason, they don't want to let anyone down. But more so, they don't want the infamous, 'I told you so' from all the people that said they couldn't make it happen.

Most people will talk themselves out of a plan or jumping toward their goal by listening to other people. Fear is a horrible sensation. It leaves us stuck. And we could be stuck for years. I was stuck from the time I was 18 to 39yrs old. Stuck in the rut of fear. But it wasn't the fear of failure. I failed plenty of times. And I was ok with failing. Because I tricked myself into the mindset, that failure is more forgivable.


Because failure means you attempted. And it didn't work. Oh well. At least you gave it your best, right? But was it your best?

Or are you like me? I was in the FEAR OF SUCCESS........

What is the Fear of Success?

What if it works? What if I ACTUALLY make money? Like real money? Like millions? What if I have actual employees? Office space? Growing? Become the next 40 under 40?

Fear of success kept me stuck. Because it wasn't so much of the 'I told you so", it was more the 'now you CAN'T fail!'

The fear of success put a lot of pressure on myself to build up all these 'what if' scenarios in my head. Before they even happen.

Whether you are in the fear of failure or the fear of success, like I was, the fact of the matter is that so overrated. It's almost laughable.

What if it doesn't work out and you fail? So what, you can always get a job. But be proud you did it.

What if it IS a success and I don't know how to do all these things, like taxes or marketing or whatever? That's a good problem to have. You hire the smartest people who are experts IN THOSE AREAS.

All you have to be: Confident in your decisions. Whether right or wrong. How quickly can you adjust, pivot and move forward? That is your strength!

Let me give you a little secret: All those what if scenarios that are built up in your head, guess what? NONE will happen. And NONE will happen in the order you think. You will be surprised (when you look back) that you wished you would have started sooner. And you will laugh off the fact that all those scenarios, are just that, laughable.

Don't worry about money. You don't NEED millions. You have access to so much today. Low cost startups. Keep things in line with Google Docs. To start. It's free. Use Shopify for website and selling products.

Just get started! Go for it! Don't be stuck anymore. Today is your day to move forward and look back laughing!

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