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"I'm a Life Coach. Why am I not making money like others in my world?"

Updated: May 25, 2021

This is a common statement I have heard over and over again.

Recently, I have dove into the world of helping life coaches increase their revenue.

One coach I have been working with told me how she listens to these other life coaches and how successful their business is going.

She kept coming back to the same point, which was this: “Nothing is working. I just can’t sell life coaching. Maybe I should try some more social media or an ad buy? I just don't know what do do and I need *something* different. I’m at a total loss. People just don’t want to pay for life coaching.”

It's been common to hear. When most life coaches make $30-40k per year, there is a way to take life coaching into the "sky's the limit."

But she has been to conferences and saw huge rooms full of people, so people DO buy coaching services.

So I asked her, “What kind of coaching do you do?”

And she said “What do you mean? I’m a life coach. I help women with confidence and change. I do life coaching.”

And then I said, "I’m still not sure I understand what you do – can you tell me more?”

And she said “I empower women to make changes. I coach them.”

Trying a different tack, I asked her this: “How are you talking to potential clients about what you do?”

And she said “I simply tell them about the power of coaching and how it can change their lives and bring abundance.”

Do you see the problem?

What I have learned is that life coaches love to help.

And most of got into coaching to change lives. And they tend to be pretty transparent, open people.

So when they go out and get paying clients, they focus on what they know and share that, i.e., that life coaching can help people change their lives.

  • They aren’t trying to hide anything.

  • They aren’t trying to push anything.

  • They are just sharing what they know – that life coaching can lead to personal transformation and growth.

But they can’t help themselves. They’ve drunk the life-coach Kool-Aid

If simply saying to someone “I’m a life coach, I can help change your life” worked to get paying clients and build coaching businesses, we’d all be millionaires & coaches!

But the same problem arises, coaches who have a hard time selling their coaching services, even to people who NEED their services.

And it's not like coaching is not a growing profession either. Look at the coaching schools & certifications churning out 1000s of coaches around the world.

So what is the issue? Why are coaches having a hard time selling their coaching services?

Here's the thing: Simply telling people they need a life coach, doesn't always work in the real world. Just saying you're a life coach and talking about the power of coaching, isn't enough. If it was, then why aren't more coaches finding success. Or consistent success?

What's missing? What are they all doing wrong?

It's time to get off the beaten path and approach coaching in a new way.

Look at the really successful life coaches and it's simple. But so hard for others to grasp. Which is the majority of life coaches.


Take that in for a second.

Doesn’t seem right, does it?

In fact, you may be thinking the opposite – that life coaching, delivered in a certain number of sessions or hours, is EXACTLY what successful coaches are selling.

So if they aren’t selling coaching, what’s their secret?

  • Their magic?

  • Their special sauce?

Well, it’s not Facebook ads, webinars, blog posts, or some sort of magical unicorn.

Nope, it’s simple:

Successful business coaches sell A + B. And that's it!

So what is A + B, well that's where I come in. I'll tell you what A + B is as a sales & marketing expert, which will grow your business and change HOW you get clients. Faster and easier.

Think on it for a second – why do people buy life coaching?


Do they buy it because they want to spend an hour talking to someone once a week or a few times a month?

No, of course not!

They buy life coaching because they want something.

They don’t want “life coaching for stress and health”

They don’t want “career coaching"

Successful life coaches know this – which is why they don’t waste energy and effort talking endlessly about the power of coaching and their transformative personal story, and instead focus in on what is important: A + B

My client got A+B and in their first month of doing this, they achieved $2200 in revenue FOR COACHING! They have increased their revenue every month with one important factor in place, consistency & growth.

Now adding even more revenue streams, they are making money while they sleep. Yes, it's possible. And I'll show you.

There are 2 mindset shifts that I need you to make:

  1. How you view life coaching

  2. How you think about life coaching & what you were taught in school

What you learn in school, and what works to get paying clients in the real world, are two very different things.

To recap:

1) People don’t pay for life coaching.

2) If they did, we'd all be coaches, have a million clients and a pile of diamonds.

3) Coaches can’t help themselves, so in their openness and commitment to help people, all they focus on *is* selling life coaching.

4) Good news! There’s no magic bullet, or fancy ad that you need to run to get paying clients. The secret is actually absurdly simple, but it’s a distinct shift from what you’ve been taught.

5) Successful life coaches don’t sell life coaching, instead they sell A+B.

6) Put another way, they recognize that life coaching is a luxury, so they have to connect not to what their clients need, but A+B.

7) People don’t like to pay tons of money for vague promises or unclear processes. They want to know you have a plan or approach that will get them A+B.

8) So what you were taught in coaching school is a little different from what works in the real world, and that’s okay. You can still be an excellent coach, but you do have to make some mental shifts – i.e, stop selling life coaching, and start selling A+B.

Dan Marx is the CEO and Founder of ReShift, an all-things Sales, Marketing & Operations firm. With over 25yrs experience in Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Dan built his company based on these principles: Companies need to look at the company as a whole to be successful. Not just a few areas separately.

If you are interested in Dan being a guest speaker, key-note speaker, panelists, podcast guest, trainer, consultant, contributor to your blog, articles or simply interested in interviewing contact him direct at

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