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Key Tips to Advertising Success

Why do companies advertise?

  • To grow their brand

  • Get Sales

  • Increase their social presence

  • Be seen

  • Increase website traffic

It's all about getting more.

Does advertising give companies more?

Yes! But not always the way they want.

Inexperienced advertisers will give companies more:

  • website traffic but not more customers.

  • clicks but not conversions

  • more likes and followers but not customers

Ever see the ads that give you $500 credit for free? To only find out you need to spend $500 first? And then you wonder, 'did I even get that credit? It didn't do anything?'

Most of the time advertising that doesn't work isn't because of budget. If an ad agency tells you that your budget is the reason you don't see results - RUN!

The success is on HOW you advertise. So here's some tips on what types of advertising you SHOULD do to gain the most success on a certain area.

IF you want more social media followers - don't advertise WITH that social media platform (because you will need a HUGE budget) but DO run Google ads. You will see an increase, More cost effective than running on each platform individually.

IF you want more website traffic - don't do pay per click (again, big budgets needed and your SEO needs to be on point) but DO run display ads. Cost effective way to be seen on multiple platforms on multiple devices (only R3Shift can offer this as a standard).

IF you want to expand your brand or become a dominant force within your industry - showcase quality, luxury, the only one to do business with - DO run TV ads - more specific - streaming tv ads. In fact, cheaper than PPC & Social ads with better ROI.

Now there are other factors to think about. Timeframes. Locations. Targeted audience.

Whatever it is GET SPECIFIC (don't worry, we can get very specific). If your target audience lives in Miami, has a household income of $2M, is interested in golf, has a porsche in the driveway, 2 kids under the age of 2, enjoys fly fishing, his wife likes make up, yoga and shopping, divorced 2x and recently married his 3rd wife - we can do that.

It's HOW you advertise to gain the biggest bang for your buck. Then we deliver on multiple platforms to your targeted audience to make sure they see your ads and net new prospects every month!

Before you know it, you are seeing more than you have before by your key targeted audience.

Here's another point - do you sponsor events? Sports figures? Conferences? Having a hiring frenzy? Advertising gives you the expansion on these areas you are already invested.

Advertise that your product is sold at "these fine stores" or available online. Come see us and our sponsored sports figure at this event.

Don't just sponsor - but ADVERTISE THAT SPONSORSHIP! Increase visitors, increase booth traffic, increase people seeking you out that attend the event that are YOUR targeted audience! You will be amazed.

If you are interested in advertising

with ReShift ( - fill out the form. Answer a few questions and we will email you a quote on the best options for you. And as always - we at ReShift never hard sell or have sales people call or stalk you. We give you the details and are here for any questions. Getting started is easy.

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