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Lead Generation - Everyone's an Expert - Right?

The world of lead generation is basically the "He Said, She said" argument.

One side says - Cold calling is dead.

The other side says - It's not.

One side says - More automation

The other side says - Less automation

Back and forth they go.

Then there's the cheap versions using tag words to grab companies.

Words like: "intent data", "qualified leads", "appointment setting", "fill the top of the funnel".

When all they are doing is rebranding their already existing software (like Zoominfo - which isn't intent data, it's just data. The same contact info based on your DEMOGRAPHIC - that's it) or a glorifying email blasting company that send you the most opens or someone says NO so many times that they say "if I send you some information, would that be ok?" and then sends you the "appointment."

That's not intent data, a qualified lead or appointment. That just an open. Demographic data. A "yes" to get them off the phone.

Then there's call centers. Smiling and dialing. But when you ask them about guarantees, they say the same thing..............."It's hard to say", "depends on your industry", "there's a lot of factors".

(Skip the line with ReShift. Guaranteed buyers looking FOR YOUR COMPANY'S products and services - every week!)

In the world of lead generation, there's a lot of YES companies that say the same thing (do some investigating and ask the same questions. See how they dance around the answers).

But all they are doing is using different words to get YOU to say yes to their same old, outdated, 1990s theories, smiling & dialing, email blasting, opens.................and a qualified lead is based on the same demographic, title, role and BANT criteria. Trust me, they aren't finding you buyers or interest. They are getting any kind of yes, no matter how far the stretch.

And what happens? After the 3 months you use them or get duped into buying annually upfront, you don't use or find value or renew.

So who is right?

ALL the above is dead & outdated.

You can't just:

  • live off of inbound (you are missing out on a lot!)

  • do all outbound (you are constantly hustling then because there is no value in your messaging via inbound)

  • just blast out emails (you need follow up)

Why spend time searching for months and months, only to get them on the phone or a meeting to find out, they aren't interested. They were curious. Tire kickers. Already bought from your competition.

Unlike ALL of the lead generation offerings out there, ReShift is the only lead generation company that actually gets you in front of BUYERS looking to buy from you NOW.

Would you rather chase the unknown or KNOW companies are looking to buy your products or services now?

What would you rather have your pipeline filled with?

Top of funnel and chase? Chase opens? Chase demographic data?


Skip the line and always speak with buyers? It's the first yes and NOW you are selling to a yes actually looking for you. AND getting in early.

Getting in early is key. Not chasing. Because everyone is chasing.

So let your competition chase, while you get the backstage pass and get that VIP access to your buyers.

For more information on buyer lead generation or pricing, visit

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