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Likes OR Buyers? LinkedIn is Smarter than Influencers & so are your Buyers

Influencers - One of the dumbest things in the world. Why? For the most part, fake. They got lucky and it's a constant portrayal of how "awesome" their life is.............or what they say it is.

So do you want to follow the fake and get likes on your posts or would you rather get buyers?

If you're on social media to collect people, then go for it. But if you are on social media to make, build and run your business then you want to INFLUENCE your buyers. Turn those followers and likes into BUYERS.

Oh and your customers, they are smarter than the influencers. They can read and see BS a mile away.

So here's how you gain BUYERS on social media and not just likes & followers.

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Here's how you can gain buyers AND be a super star on social media. Without taking a costly bootcamp from an "influencer" that doesn't do what they say.

Here's some simple steps to be a social media winner and get buyers.

  • Be Real. Don't be fake. It's obvious.

  • Don't be TOO real. The heartbreaking childhood, the medical issue, the such a sad life stories - This isn't church or your therapists office. It looks manipulating. And not cool.

  • Be consistent.

  • Keep it simple

  • If you're quiet or shy, then be you.

  • If you don't like doing videos, then don't. People like to see you, so perhaps trying a video here and there in between your written content helps.

  • Post an image of some sort with your written posts

There, I just saved you $5K..............

For more on these tips and tricks go to

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