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LinkedIn Polls = FREE LEADS

LinkedIn polls are the latest thing within LinkedIn that many people AREN'T taking advantage to create leads.

You see polls. Asking questions about:

  • Working from home

  • Going back to the office

  • Sales messages after connections

  • LinkedIn looking like Facebook

  • What inspires you

  • If you could do anything

  • What's a motivator

While all these are great to stir up some interaction, the key take away is, people & companies are missing out on FREE leads!

Not taking advantage of LinkedIn polls to generate leads is missing out on literally FREE leads. Not only that, you will shorten up your sales cycle and start closing more deals now!

Add on LinkedIn stories - And you just found gold!

BUT no one knows HOW to use these polls to create leads, nonetheless, qualify leads to actually become wins...................until now!

ReShift has made it easy and we are revealing our secret. And we are doing this now because we don't know when LinkedIn will take away polls and this will be gone for good. So why not take advantage now.

Want to know how you can step by step create polls that will generate you a qualified pipeline? Consistently? Closing more business faster and more often?

With our easy step by step plan, you can easily start TODAY! And could easily have wins this week! Yes, wins this week!

LinkedIn Polls Get Start today. And included we will show you easily how to use LinkedIn stories along WITH LinkedIn polls to start generating real qualified leads to get faster wins all the time!

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