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Musky Fishing - A Lesson Every Business Should Learn

No ladies, this isn't a picture of a dating app profile but it is a lesson in business. you should read about.

What does muskie fishing have to do with a business lesson?

A few days ago, my cousin from Tennessee, myself and my brother went out muskie fishing with a guide. This guide (pictured) is a force to be reckoned with. Just a few weeks ago, he came in 2nd place in a muskie fishing contest out of 260 other boats. He missed first place and the $100,000 first place prize by 3 fish.

Oh and not just anyone can enter - it's by invitation only.

Not bad for a guy who doesn't have sponsors or wear the goofy outfits.

He's booked 6 months in advance - he takes out from first timers to amateurs to professionals.

He has $120,000 boat and about the same in lures alone. This dude was no joke.

The first thing he asked us was "Have you guys every used a baitcasting reel before?" My cousin had but my brother and I have not. It's a learning curve but I caught on fast as I have golfed and played tennis. I'd explain more but not for this lesson.

Then before we did our first cast, he said, "Don't try to impress me, it takes time to get the feel. And don't apologize. There are no sorries on this boat. I just want you to get comfortable because this is supposed to be fun."

That took a lot of pressure off. And he must have said it 20 more times as we were initially casting, "Just get the feel for it. We got all day. No sorries and don't try to impress me."

I loved it. Oh and my first cast - bird's nest in the spool. He didn't scold me, he just said, "this happens a lot. Just remember your thumb and don't try to force it. Smooth." And he cast if a couple of times as he was explaining it.

So where is the lesson, Dan? That's great you figured out casting on a pole you never used, but get to the point - right?

Oh and another thing - We were originally scheduled to go out on a Sunday but he called us on Thursday and said the weather wasn't going to be good. The waves would be 3-4 feet and it wouldn't be fun. So he asked if we wanted to try another day or we could keep Sunday as planned. We opted for another day.

The day we went was actually PERFECT muskie fishing weather. Overcast - not too cold, not too hot. Water was like a millpond. Perfect settings for muskie.

Ok here's the lesson:

  1. We hired our guide for 8hrs. The same guide that has done this for over 20yrs.

  2. He had no sponsorships

  3. He doesn't cut corners - he knows what to use and what works

  4. He came in 2nd place a few weeks prior out of 260 other boats

Now my cousin is an avid fisher. When he comes up to visit - him and I have caught record breaking salmon and trout. I know enough to be dangerous. He knows a lot more and knows what he is doing.

But there have been days where the fish aren't biting. We tried everything and nothing is happening. Then there are days it's like, one cast = one fish. Super easy.

The picture shown is the day after we hired our guide, Chris.

Same lake.

Same boat.

Same lures.

One big ass fish.

In fact, there were more than one. There were a LOT more.

When we went - NOTHING. Not one. Not even one bite. We called it the day of 10,000 casts.

The lesson businesses should take from this is:

  1. Time - there are no short cuts

  2. Get used to how it works - this takes time

  3. Are you willing to cast 10,000 times and not catch anything

  4. The hits might come the next day or month

  5. You don't know everything - you know enough to be dangerous but your concentration is your business - not truly marketing & how it all works, what to use, etc.

  6. Don't apologize for making a mistake

  7. Have fun

  8. Why buy the boat, the lures, the gas, the electronics, the trailer, the truck and learn how to in and out of a boat landing - when you can rent it?

Too many companies I work with try to buy the boat - give up after one trip - won't cast 10,000 times but expect one cast one fish.

It's not about fast or slow it's about consistency.

  1. Chris has MORE wins than losses.

  2. He's consistent.

  3. He knows what he is doing.

  4. He has more experience than most.

  5. He doesn't cut corners even having all the computer gadgets you could imagine.

  6. He doesn't advertise

  7. He doesn't brag about himself

  8. He looks for the best interest of the client

  9. He knows results don't always happen fast but the do happen

  10. He plays the long game

Had we booked him for 2 days or a week - we would be mounting some big ass fish.

Are you willing to get a strategy that works for you? Stop trying the latest trends of AI short cuts? Relying on referrals only? Spending tons of money on things you don't need when you can "rent" them?

Maybe we should talk. If you want.a better way to drive revenue and have tried everything before - let's talk.

I'm Dan Marx - I don't cut corners either. Maybe tomorrow will be your day of catching that record fish..............................

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