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Pro Tip & A Myth - Day 1: AI

30 days of Pro Tips and the myth that goes with them.

So let's start with the big one, that everyone is talking about: AI or better known as Artificial Intelligence.

Pro Tip:

AI is great to use for helping generate content, emails, create some cool graphics, marketing tools or just get some creative juices flowing.

The Myth:

AI is new & will replace jobs or even entire departments.

Pro tip in using AI correctly:

Prompt to get some creative juices flowing.

Not everyone can articulate what they want to say. Or in a manner everyone can understand. Personalities are different. The way people talk and explain things are different.

  • Use AI to help others understand what you are trying to say.

  • Use AI to help generate some ideas

  • Use AI to help create some messaging.



An email, a social media post and yes - a blog created and generated by AI are BEYOND obvious. So don't do it. Besides, you want your company to stand out. You don't want AI to learn that you are just like everyone else and gathering information as generals vs specific to your company.

You need to teach AI to learn. So prompt it based on what your company does.

MYTH: AI will replace jobs or even whole departments.


It will make certain jobs easier or speed up tasks but it will not replace jobs or departments entirely.

The false sense is that people think it will miraculously take over their Marketing. Or fix and prompt their SEO or boost their social media or effectively capture keywords.

The issue is: Companies that don't focus on these areas, see AI as a shortcut. And if they haven't managed or done these on a daily basis - sure, AI seems like it is the way to go.

Not true.

These are the same people who think using Smart Campaigns on Google Ads is the way to go, when in fact, any successful company that has had Google Ad success will tell you - DO NOT USE SMART CAMPAIGNS. It actually hurts you.

AI Can do the same thing.

You need someone who knows what they are doing using AI. How to ask specifics. How actual sales, marketing and all the actionable manual items work, in order to really use AI the correct way.

Otherwise, your company will fall into the template of everyone else. General. And worst of all, become NOISE - like everyone else.

Don't be noise. Don't copy & paste. Don't assume it will become a miracle worker.

Play with it. Have fun with it. But know who it works with all areas to enhance and be specific - because AI is here to stay. It's not new. It's been around for a LONG time. Like decades long.

If you need someone or a resource to help enhance how to use AI specifically for your company - ReShift has the resources you need - called prompt engineering - specifically using AI within your company.

Dan Marx is the Founder & CEO of ReShift - A Full Service Sales & Marketing Strategy firm that focuses on driving revenue. If your company is experiencing challenges, whether it is growth and scale or need help growing or a partner that can dive in to fix the problems - contact us today & schedule time.

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