Sales Doesn't Care About Marketing.....but they should

It's true. Sales simply does not care about marketing. They don't care about clicks. Opens. Digital Marketing. Google Ad words. Strategy. Or anything marketing related. All they care about are leads that turn into wins.

And they don't want a bunch of leads, that turn into demos, that go nowhere. No, they want ALL their leads to be qualified and become wins.

But here's the thing...........Sales NEEDS Marketing. They just don't NEED to know the entire process of how it all works. "Just give me qualified leads". That's it.

The issue is that #SALES needs to understand a little bit of how #Marketing works.

For instance, the company is spending $5K a month on #Google Ad words and maybe getting 5 #leads per month. That #BusinessDevelopment is "chasing" these leads. And not all the leads are qualified. In fact, most of them are either seeking a job & filled out a form or just curious at what the company does vs being a true prospect.

And that's just one example.

The problem for both departments is one key area that neither wants to wait for: TIME

Sales doesn't want to wait for a campaign to run its course. Time to qualify true leads.

Marketing doesn't want to wait for a social media & branding to take time to build up credibility.

In both cases and both departments, the flaw is: WANTING IT NOW. To see instant results. You cannot buy results. You can get lucky but when it comes down to it, taking the time to do IT right, is key.

So what can a company do?

  1. Take a step back and look at the whole process. From start to finish.

  2. Stop spending money on Google Ad words (for now). A company we know was spending $5K per month but was getting one lead per month. And it wasn't even a qualified lead. That's an expensive cost per lead.

  3. Increased web traffic doesn't equal success. See number 2. They had tripled traffic doing other digital marketing areas but lead per month. Again, not qualified.

  4. Fill in the gaps of the process (Hire us. We find it fast).

  5. Expand on other successes and #leadgeneration areas. Such as Brand Ambassadors, social media (LinkedIn) and getting engagement. You can buy ads but again, without engagement, a company won't be viewed as a Thought Leader but rather transactional & expendable.

So the next time Sales wants it NOW, tell them what is happening. So they know. And the next time Marketing wants it NOW, tell them to look at what's really happening.

Building brand for the long run is key.


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