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Salt & Sugar Look The Same But....

Salt & Sugar look the same.

So why do CEOs have a difficult time when it comes to marketing?

Because they have been told it's an expense. Like that's some luxury they can live without. Because they have been told by their internal team or company they outsource marketing to, the success is in the ROI.

The Clicks.

The Likes

The Followers

The Opens.

ROI isn't the success.

Revenue is the success.

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Now - CEOs - that doesn't mean EVERY marketing aspect can be measured toward revenue. Since every sale can't be measured to revenue. After all, some of you give away sales or wholesale sales to get that logo. It's not true revenue,

Salt & Sugar work with all sorts of things:

  • For baking

  • For cooking

  • For flavor enhancement

It's not that CEOs are clueless to marketing to drive sales (that's their goal).

It's that they don't know how to use the ingredients the right way.

For example: Adding a little salt on top of a chocolate chip cookie - doesn't seem like it would make sense - but try it - it does! it's delicious!

But then again - try adding a teaspoon of sugar on top of a fully cooked cheeseburger - not the same results.

Sugar and salt: Same ingredients used in different ways result in VERY different outcomes.

Driving revenue is using the right ingredients the right way.

A company might have all the right ingredients but are trying to put sugar on a cheeseburger and make it work. They keep forcing it to work because technically they have all the right ingredients but they are cooking the wrong thing.

Results are lacking. So the assumption is, it's not working.

Drive revenue.

Some companies take the cookies out of the oven too quickly or they over cook them. But having the right ingredients isn't the only factor - it's the cook time. Sometimes companies aren't willing to commit to timeframes (not cooking long enough) or they cook too long (doing things that are outdated).

And let's not forget another thing: Not all ovens are stoves are created equal. So you have to adjust according to the oven, stove or microwave you are using. Some companies think they have a gas stove but are using an electric stove.

Do things seem like perhaps they could be better? Scaling your business seems harder than it should be? Do you question the technology you are "supposed" to be using? Ads not working? Need a bigger pipeline? More customers? Better Quality? Faster wins?

Not sure if you have all the right ingredients or are putting them together the right way to drive revenue?

Perhaps it's time to ReShift your revenue drivers with the ingredients you have and cook them the right way. ReShift will help put them together for you.

Dan Marx is the Founder & CEO of ReShift - a full service Sales & Marketing Strategy Firm. With over 20yrs of supply chain software sales & marketing experience, Dan Marx has worked with companies from B2B to B2C - industries such as retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, start ups, Fortune 500, CPG, Food & Beverage, Industrial, Software & Technologies, Supply Chain and more.

Feel free to contact at anytime to see ALL of our services and products.

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