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SEO - The Biggest Loser

Remember that show? The Biggest Loser?

For those of you who don't, it was a reality weight loss show. Where contestants would be teamed up with a trainer and start working out, eating better, etc.

Every week, there would be a weigh in. The person who lost the most weight - the biggest loser - would be safe or get some kind of prize.

Every week, they would show what people were actually doing, what they ate, how they were working out. Some people were ALL in, dedicated and staying on the schedule. Especially at the end when those last few pound were always the hardest.

And some people who try to cut corners, or come up with excuses for that week, why they didn't workout or not eating right or some injury. But it was always an excuse.

Most of these contestants were severely overweight. So in the beginning, the first couple of weeks, the pound would come off BIG TIME! Like 10, 15, even 20lbs per week! The double & triple chins would go away. It was amazing seeing how transformed these people would get. When they saw this, the excitement of hope kept them going each week to hit their ideal or target weight.

At the end, they were all winners for sticking with it. But when they did recaps or reunions, a year later - it was hurtful to see some had given up, went back to old habits and put on all that weight they lost.


It works the same.

Here's how SEO and mindsets of how it works, should work and expectations vs reality.


It's sad to say but there are companies that promise SEO as a quick fix or even a templated/automated option.

1st Biggest Loser expectation SEO - The diet pill

Website companies, SEMrush, even Google Smart Campaigns offer a "simply, fast, easy way" to increase ranking with their systems. It's like the person who wants to lose weight but doesn't want to put any effort into it.

With these systems - what they don't tell you - SEO isn't automated. In fact, automation hurts and it takes alot more than keywords. They just want your money because they know you are lazy.

It's the diet pill mindset. Someone who doesn't want to make any effort in changing their lifestyle, bad eating habits, getting off the couch but will spend money on the promise of a diet pill, in hopes of losing weight.

What happens - they spend money, end up either gaining weight or have massive bowel movements - to only stop. In the end - no weight lost and money not well spent.

2nd biggest loser expectation SEO - The New Year's Resolution

This person gets all excited - they join a gym, they go ALL in with food prep, they buy new workout gear and they decide THIS year is MY year.

At first, things are great. They ache at first but eventually that subsides as their body adjusts. They see some weight coming off. Things are working. The meal prep is kind of a pain but if they stick with it, it will work. Chicken, broccoli, yogurt. Every day.

But then what happens - They decide they want to take a day off and NOT go to the gym. They are sick of the meal prep being the same meals ALL the time. So they get a cheeseburger. Then come March - They decide, they will go when things slow down. Work got busy, bday parties, family gatherings, maybe after summer they will start up again. But it never happens.

This SEO process is for companies that don't really rank anywhere close to the first 10 pages. No keywords. Backlinks but none is following. They Google what their companies DOES (not the name) and they see competitors and hundreds of companies that rank higher than them.

This process is the same as the New Year's Resolution person. They hire a company like ReShift to handle their SEO. Month 1-3 - they see increase in rankings, then they plateau and don't see the MASSIVE jump like in the beginning. So they decide, it's not working.

3rd Biggest Loser SEO - The last few pounds and beyond

This is for companies that have been sticking with it. They understand it is not a quick fix but rather have to stick with it. It is a manual process. Which is why they hired a trainer to help them through their journey. Someone who helps them with HOW food works, that it is more than going to the gym (keywords, quick fixes, meal prep, SEMRush, Smart Campaigns, Google Ad words, Website SEO Apps), it's about accomplishing your goal and then maintaining (lviing a overall healthy world - but actually living). They understand it takes time and they need help.

They hired ReShift (because we know what we are doing and have the team dedicated to running every aspect for a flat fee (for both B2B and B2C, not just local but local, regional and national). It's a manual process (working out), some things move fast (the first pounds), some things seem stagnant (the plateau) but the results come (people notice and see a HUGE change - you haven't seen it because you are constantly looking at yourself in the mirror - but your clothes notice).

Then, they fit in that dress or pair of pants that has been in the closet - never thinking they would ever fit into them again - and they look gooooood! They aren't just skinny but rather healthy. They look good with clothes on AND off!

Now they actually rank. When they Google what they do, they are actually found. They have ALOT more website hits, inquires, their social media is increased, their ads are having more results.

Then BAM - They beat out their competition. A company MUCH bigger than them. MUCH MUCH BIGGER THAN THEM!

All of a sudden - they are at a point that where they beat out Nike in organic google search and rankings by being a small regional shoe company (yup check out ReShift's SEO team's success story on our SEO page).


There are no short cuts. But rather a simple way to set it and forget it by allowing the successes of ReShfit's SEO team to help your team succeed. Once organic SEO is working, it needs to stay maintained - THEN ReShift will run your ads both programmatic advertising AND Google Ads - you will see an increase in interaction AND conversions!

Add reviews and BOOST the above FASTER! Yes, our review system collects keyword data FROM both negative and positive reviews from YOUR customers!

You see, there's ALOT we do, that we use together to help YOUR company be found. It's not just keywords. It's not automation. It's not buying. It's not learning. It's simply putting the experts in place that have been doing this for a LONG time.

Ready to rank higher and beat out your competition? Even those who are out of your radar? The BIG competition?

Start now. Start today. The sooner you start, the sooner you will hit your goal and become THE BIGGEST LOSER (WINNER)!

Want to start getting ranked? Found and beating your competition without having to spend a big budget? Want a team of experts that can get started RIGHT away, without your team being interrupted or having to learn anything?

Go to & Select either SEO Local, Regional or National - and we will start today!

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