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Stop Advertising on Social Media!

Why are companies advertising on social media?

Because they THINK they are reaching their audience.

Stop wasting money on social media advertising. Here's why:

✅ Social media is FREE! ✅ 😁

1️⃣ Post on your personal profile.

2️⃣ Post on your company profile.

3️⃣ Post in groups.

4️⃣ Write a blog and post.

5️⃣ Create a video and post.

All free. All reaching.

Advertising on social media is expensive and like throwing darts at a dart board.

And what if the "target audience" - key decision makers - aren't on LinkedIn?

Because they aren't active or they left because it feels like Facebook?

If a company spends $5K on advertising on LinkedIn, that is ONE platform.

What if a company is on 5 platforms? That's $25K!

And what's the ROI? Tirekickers? Curiosity seekers? Simply paying for clicks? 🙄

Money down the drain.

So reach your audience where they are always located. No matter WHERE they are located.

Still targeting the audience you want.

On their phones!

Scrolling through a news feed. Scrolling through #Facebook, #LinkedIn, #Instagram, #Pinterst, playing a game - ALL for a FRACTION of ONE social media ad.........

Make your money work FOR you and stretch your budget farther with better results!

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