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Stop Listening to Influencers! Pt. 1

Now that's a bold statement. So why on earth would I say something like that? Aren't influencers good? Just trying to help?

Well I listened to influencers for a long time. Tried to copy them. Do videos like they did. Talk like they did. Look like they did. After all, they told me, 'In order to gain customers & followers that this was the way to do it'.

I found out, it didn't change a thing. In fact, I got less views. Less likes. But they said, keep going. Be consistent.

So I did. Kept going. Everyday. New video. New topic. New video. Same topics.

Same thing. Nothing grew. Got like 250 views. 3-4 likes. 1 or none comments.

Yet, my written content was getting increased views. Even though I was saying the same thing, people were reading my posts rather than watching my videos. From 400 to 700 views. 20-30 likes. 7-10 comments.

So I did something completely the way I wanted to do it. I decided, to be honest. Not vulnerable and tell a sad story. But just quick listening to the "influencers" and just be me.

So I did exactly that.

That was a few weeks ago. That post to date has the highest views (over 14, 000 and growing). Over 100 likes and over 40 comments.

Since then, my views for my posts are usually 300 in the first couple of hours.

So what did I do differently that the influencers are saying works?

After all, that post I did not use a video. I did not tell a sad story (be vulnerable). I did not tag anyone. I did not use one hashtag.

All I did was strike a nerve. I was honest, not vulnerable. I challenged the status quo. And I voiced my honest opinion. Called out the BS. No hype. No fluff. No props. No telling how to gain more followers by manipulating the algorithm system in place.

So STOP listening to influencers who are telling you that YOU NEED TO BE LIKE THEM in order to succeed. It might have worked for them 10yrs ago or still because they now have this cult like following but in all you want to be like them or be you?

Be true to you. That's what wins every time. Companies will buy from you by being true to you. Not being a copy cat.

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