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Stop Listening to Influencers Pt 2!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Why should you stop listening to influencers? Easy. They want to keep you out of the way.

I used to listen to influencers. I mean, after all, it seemed like I should do what they say. They are killing it. Until one day I realized, "wait a minute, they just want to keep us all out of their lane to make the money!"

Here's part 2 as to why you should STOP LISTENING TO INFLUENCERS.

They all say - target you niche. Go after a small group and make it your niche. Stand out as that niche's go to. Sounds good, right?

Of course it does. But here's why they want to tell you that!

So you won't be in their way of going after EVERYONE. They want to keep you in a corner.

I followed this niche trend. They say - "If you say your product or service is for everyone, you're wrong. You can't be everything to everyone." Sounds good doesn't it? Sounds like it makes sense. But guess what? It's totally WRONG and you have been missing out!

Ex: If you are a payment processing company. And a company takes orders online. Does it matter to you if they sell dog treats, bottled water or quilts? Does it matter if they are a food & beverage company or software vendor or landscaping company?

No! So you can market to them and go after them!

If you are an executive coach, does it matter if they are an executive of a distribution center? Retail store? Or a speaker?


For Example: Our solutions are built for any company: Here's how........

  • If you have a website - you can use our Business Essentials Dashboard

  • If you manage Reviews for your company or someone else

  • If you manage Social Media

  • If you want to see how is visiting your website for better prospecting

  • If you want to convert social media followers in buyers

  • If you want to use SMS for marketing

  • If you manage your Analytics

  • If you manage your ads and ad spend

  • If you want to be found

Does it matter to us if you are a marketing agency, a speaker, a coach, industrial sales, eye doctor, dentist, law firm, retail store, Fortune 500 company, food & beverage distributor or an entrepreneur?

NO! Because we CAN literally go after any company because our solutions were built that way. And so should you!

One of these influencers's goals in life is to own the New York Jets. He doesn't have a niche. He's all over the place. He talks about his likes and dislikes in general. He has opinions on every type of topic. And why is he talking about everything and have an opinion about everything? Because he is using his celebrity to gain business.

And he won't turn down business. If a company wants his services and has the money to pay for it, he will take it. It won't matter what industry, what type of company or what they do. If they have the moola, he will take it.

The issue is not a niche. That keeps you in the corner. The issue is your SPECIALTY!

My background & specialty is supply chain. I can talk about it in my sleep. But should that be only where I target? ABSOLUTELY NOT! And neither should you.

So get out of the niche. Get out of the "specialty" mindset and start going after more.

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