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Stop Listening to Influencers - Pt. 3 The Final Chapter

I was only going to do two parts but since seeing yet another post from an influencer, I had to put this in place too. People need to STOP listening to these influencers and run their own race. Because here's the secret.............


I'm not saying that to be mean but seriously. No matter how much you adore them. No matter how much you think if you mimic them, you will have success like them. So simply just stop and realize what they are telling you to do, worked almost 20yrs ago. Not today.

So here's the final chapter of stop following influencers. Yet another thing they say NOT to do, yet they literally do it all the time.

So what did they tell you NOT to do, yet do it themselves?


Don't do it on your feed. That's what they tell you. Don't sell on your feed.

Yet, literally this past week, I saw an influencers SELL ON HER FEED! Literally asking to "If you want me to help you, get a hold of me."

If you want to be successful in your business, just be you. Don't try to copy cat someone because they are popular now. Their vulnerability of being depressed or from a broken home has nothing to do with their success.

You know what it was? $500,000 investment back in 2004. This same influencer told the story of the $500,000 investment in her company when back in 2004 when she first started out.

Know the real story before you decide to follow and think their "vulnerability" made them successful. Their raw, real nature, didn't have anything to do with it.

If you had a $500,000 investment, what would that do to your business today? Right now? How much would a half a million dollars do for you first starting out? Being able to advertise. Being able to hire people to make you look good. Professional videos.

It would be easy.

So sell your product and services on your feed. Promote how you want to. Build how you want. That's what marketing is all about. Telling your story. Not trying to copy cat someone else's.

Because your success story will be even better because you DIDN'T copy an "influencer who got a half million dollar investment almost 20yrs ago.

Dan Marx is the CEO of ReShift. Over 20yrs in sales, marketing and supply chain experienced has worked with start ups, entrepreneurs, all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. Interested in Dan being a guest contributor, panelist, guest on your podcast, speaker or in house training for your team email

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