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The BDR & SDR Role Will Go Away

The #bdr and #sdr role will go away.

Companies that continue to #hire for these roles are essentially wasting money and utilizing good people as the lowest level position.

The reason why these roles will go away is because with the technology advancements, an Account Executive and Marketing can #automate the #coldcalling calling, cold email AND yes, qualification process without sacrificing anything.

Thus saving A LOT of time and steps within the #sales process.

This is what we are doing for our clients now.

Prospects WANT to talk directly to a sales person. It's been this way since I was a BDR. They don't want to go through these steps to qualify, hand off, to AE and then next steps.

Plus with the process and automation, you are eliminating those who SOUND qualified and are the tire kickers. Which these BDRs and SDRs spend a lot of time on.

Enhance your process. Automate where you should.

Now these roles can be Junior Account Executives or Junior #Marketing Executives - because as a career path, this is the journey for their role anyway. Essentially use it as an apprentice role to gear up.

Now instead of going through all that turn over because the BDR role sucks, you can now be more comprehensive in choosing candidates.

(And please, don't just change their title and keep doing the actual BDR role).

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