We Made the List! My Story....

We made the list. This is exciting. Came out of nowhere.

I have won awards before in my career working for other companies. #Sales awards. Employee of the Month. Employee of the Quarter. Top Sales. Top #Marketing. Top #BusinessDevelopment. And as fun as those were, this one means more.

After 5yrs of taking the leap to start my own business, from scratch. No capital. No investment funding. Heck, not even advertising. #Reinvesting every dollar back into the business. Constantly learning.

What I learned vs what I thought I knew, the path changed. I had to #pivot and make decisions fast. Found out I was a pretty awesome negotiator and great at sales. The fun of being able to choose who I wanted to work with and when. Telling those who wanted their own process vs what I knew works.........and tell them no.

I have got more bold. Making fast decisions. Not having all my ducks in a row was probably the best "plan" I had.

Coming from the school of hard knocks. No college degree. From a blue collar family. I became the first to BE an entrepreneur!

Having #CEOs of Fortune 500 & Fortune 1000 companies ask for my advice but also hire me to help them in their areas of challenge. It's always humbling and exciting. But I learned that, I AM one of those CEOs now. Not a Fortune 500 but one that makes decisions all say long that effect my business. Sometimes they aren't easy. That Iive and die by the calendar. And that every meeting, call and email better go somewhere fast and be targeted. NO MORE MEETINGS FOR THE SAKE OF HAVING MEETINGS.

Then to have the #MilwaukeeBusinessJournal come to me and ask for my details. Ok no big deal, I thought. But I had no idea I would make their list. Again, Grateful. Humbling. Exciting to be recognized as a #Leader.

No amount of books I read from those who took the leap, from billionaires past & current, could have prepared me for this journey. As great as their tips & insights were, I realized, we all have a story. And I could not copy what they did to make this successful.

And believe me, I tried!

  • Getting up at 5am (I am NOT a morning person). Nope!

  • Getting only 4hrs of sleep a night? Nope!

  • Working out in the morning? I just was tired by the time I got to work.

  • Meditating. Nope, I just wanted to sleep.

  • Yoga. Back then, Nope!

  • Now. Yes. It was really hard and still is hard. But great!

I could go on and on. So once again, the recognition is wonderful. From all the companies that I have worked with and currently work with. All the teams, CEOs from Start Ups to Entrepreneurs to Fortune 500...................Thank you!


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