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"We will place Facebook Ads"

This is one of the biggest quotes I hear from companies. They have money to spend on advertising and decide that's the way to go. Some see a little success and others feel it was a waste of time.

Yet, companies assume this is the way to go.


Because Facebook is a big company and assume their ads will be seen by every living person on Facebook (which is NOT the case - After all, I'm not on Facebook and I'm not the only person who doesn't even care about it). Plus, what if your target audience ISN'T on Facebook? Then it's just money down the drain?

Here's a secret: Do you know where your audience sits?


Streaming their favorite shows.

Cable subscriptions are down. And they are continually going down. In fact, they are being cancelled at a rate of 21% HIGHER than pandemic cancellations. Which means,

more and more people are CANCELLING their cable tv subscriptions for Streaming TV options.

WHY? Because people want to watch tv on their schedules and quite frankly are sick of paying the high prices that cable offers. DVR is just not there anymore.

So what does this have to do with advertising?


Did you spend $3000 or more on Facebook ads? And what was the ROI? What you expected? Did they guarantee the number of impressions you would receive?

Did you know you can reach a guaranteed minimum impression of AT LEAST 50,000 impressions with a Streaming TV ad? And for what you spent on Facebook ads?

So for Smart TVs, devices like Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, tablets, phones, YOUR ADs can be seen! Be next to the likes of State Farm. Be scene as THE BRAND by your audience, in the comfort of their own home.

And now is the time to take advantage. While others are advertising on radio and cable tv because it's "cheaper now", why advertise on a demographic of users LEAVING these platforms and going to streaming and podcasts?

Capture more. Be seen more. Guaranteed. Brand. Brand. Brand.

You can literally BE the go to brand in your industry. Just by being seen more.

All it takes is 15-30 video. That's it.

So where do you want to be? Along side everyone else and being just another company that does this or that? Or be the BRAND where your audience sees you?

The choice is yours.................Choose wisely.

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