What is Revenue Generation?

Well let's start off by saying what it's not: A new term for lead generation.

We aren't here to reinvent the wheel. But companies today are focused on Revenue Generating areas. New Revenue streams. Less expense. More ROI.

So the question is, how can companies turn key areas that are typically an expense and make them, what we like to call, #RevGen.

It's actually easier than most companies think. #Marketing is an expense, yes. Digital marketing is an expense (digital marketing is not marketing, so quit mixing the two up, please). People are an expense. The list goes on and on.

The key is taking these expenses and turning them into Revenue Generating Platforms.

#Socialmedia is the biggest, easiest platform to turn an expense into revenue. Combine this with employees, and a company solves two expenses into one. By creating a new culture and brand ambassadors. Along with this creates an exciting company culture that drives sales, retention and talent. For both employees and customers.

#Content. Content content content. I don't think I said it enough. CONTENT!! Content is king. However, it has to be used right and easily understood. If a company wants, fast wins or fast responses or increase sales. It isn't making more calls, its proving the right content, the right way.

Web content. Video Content. Written Content. And to be used in all areas in a wide variety of campaign strategies.

#Businessdevelopment. This is an area that should be driving revenue. And it's the most overlooked, wrongly used area. Companies have this mentality that the more people you have, the more calls you make, the more wins you will get. And that this is business development. Well it's wrong and a failed business model. Leads require strategy require content require quality and #sales doesn't want to change garbage.

So how can you turn expenses into revenue generating platforms. Look at the current departments. How are these areas being used. Where do changes need to be made? And start budget reallocation. Anyone can buy clicks and perception. But leaders drive revenue.


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