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Which is Better? Target Audience or Buyer?

Now it may seem like a dumb question. After all, isn't my target audience a potential buyer?

Well the answer is yes. But the key word is "potential' buyer. They might be your target audience but are they even ready to buy?

And that is the question we all want answered.


When it comes to B2B Marketing or Account Based Marketing, it is pretty easy to find YOUR target audience. I mean, all you have to do is search for what YOU want. And with tools like LinkedIn, Zoominfo, it's pretty easy to FIND your target audience.

But then you have to build out a list. Once you gather all the contacts you want. Maybe even separate them by industry to make your list a little more targeted (for calls and emails.

Then once you built out your list, you have to load it into your CRM and then finally build out an email campaign.

Now we all have to do this anyway and it does take some time to do. But once it is set, then BAM, let the automation begin. Email blasts, see who opens and clicks. Start calling them for interest and attempt to get them on the phone to qualify them.

Did you know it takes at least 17 touches before you get a YES or NO in most cases? That's a lot of work.

But what is you could target active buyers?

And do it all without an RFP? Wouldn't going after prospects who are actively looking for what you sell, be a lot easier? Beneficial?

I mean imagine if you did this and built out campaigns direct to the buyer. You don't have to convince them or explain to them WHAT you do, what you sell. They already know. Because they are already looking!

So now you just skipped a MAJOR process in your leads, pipeline, qualification and conversion.

So what does that mean? What is an active buyer?

It's like this:

You are driving with a huge sign on your car that says "I WANT TO BUY GAS". You drive past some familiar gas stations. But the problem with your sign is that there are only a few who have the technology to SEE your sign. Even though the others have advertising, they all look & sound the same.

So then you start to get specifics from these gas stations that can see your sign to stop by them and talk.

Now wouldn't it be cool and fun to build out YOUR target audience and within that list, you know which companies are active buyers? So instead of building out campaigns and email blasts to try and find these buyers, after 17 attempts, going after the clicks and opens, you can now target the ones who WANT TO BUY FROM YOU AND ARE LOOKING!

You can also link these to your CRM, assign tasks and more.

Imagine what your close rate would be if all you targeted was ACTIVE BUYERS? And doing this all WITHOUT an RFP?

It's as simple as clicking a button and there they are. Names. Contact info. Active Buyers.

And all you have to do them!

Want more info on how you can start using this now? Click Here and set up a call with me.

So many companies think smiling & dialing works. But they lose really good BDRs and SDRs who could be future marketing or sales people by having them doing the same boring dial after dial. But I'll get into how to utilize BDRs the right way another time.

Many companies that have high competition or long sales cycles or no advertising budgets, is a perfect fit for this. Why? Because the guess work of who is READY to buy and actively looking right now, solves all that.

No more TRYING to figure that out. No more spending all that time searching and no more need for guessing ad words.

So if you want to start making money and closing deals faster, now is the time.

Imagine going from 12 months to 3 months in closing a deal? Or from 3 months to 2 weeks? Month after month? What would that do to your revenue? Profits?

We help companies increase revenue and profits without having them spend one dollar on advertising. This technology just fits to our core.

Dan Marx is the CEO & Founder of ReShift. Increase your company's revenue & profits without spending a dollar on advertising. With over 25yrs in supply chain optimization, software, sales & marketing, Dan is the go to market for sales enablement, marketing process & strategies and more.

If you are interested in having Dan be part of your podcast, panel, key note speaker, contributor or trainer for sales teams, feel free to email him directly at

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