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Why Are Your LinkedIn Posts NOT getting as many Likes as before?

Have you noticed that your LinkedIn posts are getting a few likes and seem to have dwindled down, even from just a few months ago? You have lots of followers, you have plenty of great content, but for some reason, only a few select people are liking your posts - over even seeing it for that matter.

You tried even liking your own posts to see if it will help get people to see them.

So what is the reason?

It's not because of your content. You've been putting out great content for some time now. It's not the amount of posts, you have been consistent.

You have been racking your brain, trying more, doing more, spending more time TRYING to win over LinkedIn and yet, it still hasn't worked out. You have ALL these great connections, so why is your reach and exposure dwindling?

The Answer is SIMPLE: LinkedIn is NOT YOUR PLATFORM - It's THEIRS!

They own it. Which means, they own ALL your posts and content. All your tips and how to's. All your experience. ALL that information you keep giving. And they are using it for their benefit.


You see, they are taking all you work for, all the grit & grind you have been through, the struggles, the ups & downs, the years of your hard work just collecting ALL that data and using it to benefit THEM. To get people to advertise more, to create FREE and low costs courses using your content and data.

It's not copyright - since they are gathering others like you and coordinating it as a whole.

And you are trying day in and day out to build your audience, charge a premium for your hard work, only to see it diminished by a platform that is supposed to help you. Welcome to the new social media.

Social Media platforms are not yours, it's theirs.

Which is why I left LinkedIn and my team will posts these blogs. People who follow me on LinkedIn, my connections, can see our How to's, get great information like this and more details but on our website. Since we worked hard to make it happen, we aren't going to give it away. And it won't be posted on LinkedIn.

Maybe it's time that you TAKE back all that you do?

Maybe it's time to tell your audience that you are on LinkedIn but the great content, the How To's, the great information - will now be on your website. You are here but you are taking back your hard work and not giving it away for LinkedIn to water it down.

Which is what we did. If you want to know what is happening in the world of sales & marketing, secrets you should know, what works & doesn't work. Will be on our website. Any course, on our website.

So the choice is yours - give it away and see it watered down/stolen or hold on to it and keep it as yours - as it should be.

Dan Marx is the Founder & CEO of ReShift. Follow this blog and others by subscribing to it.

For all your sales & marketing needs (or unsure of what is needed) go to

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