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Why Companies NEED to see Customer Service as Sales

Companies need to start seeing customer service AS sales.

But the issue is how they use customer service. A company MIGHT be using customer service as sales in the way of upselling. So they think they are using customer service as sales. The other way is completely ignoring customer service from sales and just letting them do their own thing.

Which is NOT the right way. Or at least the right way to think.

Seeing customer service as sales is a reflection of your company.

Don't you hate calling a company to try and get a better deal, when all they do is continuing to try to UPSELL you? Of course we do! That's shitty customer service because it is sales.

Let's face it. NO ONE WANTS TO BE SOLD!

Then there is customer service as a take it or leave it. No customer service at all.

Kind of like Door Dash. You don't know who you get. There's no consistency, yet you have to tip prior. A few bad experiences and you don't want to tip the next person. And that sucks for the good people.

But viewing customer service as sales is going to change HOW companies USE customer service.

You see, customer service is not just an 800 number people call. It's a reflection of YOUR company and everyone involved. It's the people.

Walk into any Wal-Mart. Is there customer service and consistency into every store?


Are there stores where you ask someone who works there a question & it feels like you are inconveniencing them? More than not, right?

Or it is ok for your order to be WRONG more than not when going thru a drive thru. Because let's face it. Nothing worse than getting home & the order is wrong. Which seems to happen to a lot.

If customer service is in the toilet, then you lose sales. Plain and simple.

Shitty customer service today looks like this:

  • No time for the customer

  • Orders wrong

  • Managers are high and mighty attitude and you feel like you are bothering THEM

  • They speed things along. No time.

  • No consistency across the company - which equates to not the same standards

  • Take it or leave it attitudes

  • No refunds

  • No apologies

  • Empty promises

  • Shitty attitudes

Great customer service looks like this:

  • Customer is priority - not stocking shelves or talking to colleague

  • Orders are right every time and it is a SHOCK if an order is wrong

  • No shitty attitudes

  • Apologies aren't empty but go beyond that and actually fix the issue or problem

  • You can walk into any location and there is consistency.

  • You can call any number and there is consistency

  • Pleasant attitudes

  • Helpful and wants to fix the problem vs wants to be right

  • It's not just one person, it's everyone.

Bad customer service is a reflection of your company. And all it takes is ONE bad seed. One bad location. And if it is a franchise, that hurts business. BIG TIME. Word of mouth gets around, sales drop.

No one wants to shop somewhere or do business with anyone if they know there are constant problems, bad attitudes, no results after the sale.

Just because a company is large doesn't mean it is right or will sustain.

Point in case, I haven't shopped at a Wal-Mart or eaten at a taco bell in years. Yes, years. And as convenient as Wal Mart is and as NOT Mexican Taco Bell is, I did at one point like shopping/eating there.

But it has been years.


Shitty customer service.

If your company wants to know if they have great customer service, are consistent and customers are happy or find out if you need improvements, then Contact Us and we will schedule a silent audit. No matter HOW big or small your company is and no matter what industry your company is in.

If you want to self Do It YourSelf and manage your customer service/reputation - Get Reputation Management today and get started now!

Dan Marx is the CEO and Founder of ReShift, an all-things Sales, Marketing & Operations firm. With over 25yrs experience in Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Dan built his company based on these principles: Companies need to look at the company as a whole to be successful. Not just a few areas separately.

If you are interested in Dan being a guest speaker, key-note speaker, panelists, podcast guest, trainer, consultant, contributor to your blog, articles or simply interested in interviewing contact him direct at

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