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Why I left LinkedIn: Marketing CONfidential

Last week I wrote a sign off to leaving LinkedIn. It has ZERO to do with my connections or even new connections but rather how the site has turned into just another social media outlet.

In fact, since I wrote the send off, the views into my profile have sky rocketed! And I haven't posted anything since. Everyday I get more and more views on my profile.

I might be back personally, at some point but for now, I have to cut out the nonsense, the noise and the utter rolling of the eyes in posts I see.

If you want to follow @ReShift #reshift - my team will still post but only from our company page. So feel free to follow us. If you want to know what's new and happening in the world of ReShift - cut out the bs and noise - then it's our website you should go.

Why Did I Leave LinkedIn?

Since #Microsoft took over, it has become the next #Facebook and new platform of announcements of people in new positions. Or how utterly asinine it is that business related posts get pushed to the bottom, while some dumb selfie of someone with a coffee in their hand gets pushed to the top.

  1. I don't have time for nonsense

  2. I don't like noise

  3. Fluff and hype are just that

People who are showcasing themselves as 30 under 30 or 40 under 40, as consultants and experts but yet have normal jobs...........WHY? Because they aren't being paid as their "consultant" roles that they are bragging about. They NEED their current job to "pay the bills"

As you can see - I have been working for myself and ReShift (the company I built 8years ago) as my source. Yup - I am getting paid for what I do, preach, built and talk about.

Why - BECAUSE IT WORKS! We aren't noise or just another of the same old BS.


30 under 30, 40 under 40? Did you know you can pay for that? LOL

Seeing people write Amazon self published books and then brag how they are the best seller. Yea, the first week in your category.

Just because a person wrote a book on Amazon and is self published DOESN'T make them an expert.

The number of people who I have engaged with, wanted my services but couldn't "afford them" (and we're talking $500 here), I see wrote a book as an expert in their field. LOL

I could give examples but I won't shame anyone. Eventually their lack of knowledge and experience will catch up.


Nothing wrong with being self published and writing via Amazon - but don't brag about being #1. It literally takes 1 sale. And it doesn't make you an expert.

When I started out on LinkedIn it was a professional platform. Where business was discussed. It was ok to showcase what you were doing, about your company, when things mattered in business - saving the marriage and baby announcements for places like Facebook.

Nothing wrong with having a baby or getting married but it literally has nothing to do with business.

Also - when I started out, it was ok to contact a new connection and request a call. A simple intro call. After all, why did we connect? Because I want to know who I am connected to, not just have connections for the sake of connections. Or trying to sell people shit.

I value my connections and the new ones. I'm not deleting my profile but I am cutting out the noise for a while. If someone wants to connect, send a request. If they want to sell me, enjoy getting deleted and removed.


I don't NEED LinkedIn for my business to be successful. Anymore.

When I first started my business, I reached out to my connections as they were my lifeline into this new venture. Referrals, clients and I - 100% depended on it to make a breakthrough.


LinkedIn maybe equates to less than 1% of all ReShift's business.

So what does that tell you?

What we do works. I don't have to "sell" myself or prove who I am or what we do. I can do business without it. I paid my dues. I know my shit. I don't bs or fake who I am or what I know.

I'll still write blogs as people like to hear what I have to say. My team will make posts as there are good people and companies that need to see what we do instead of just hear it.

I don't hide behind the latest trends or craze. I don't listen to noise. And I certainly don't pass along that garbage along to my clients. They don't want it either.

The sad truth is - there's so many people saying the right things but have no idea how to deliver.

Want inspiration? See how many coaches or people in general use quotes they saw on Pinterest........

Better yet - see how many coaches are getting paid from what they actual preach and do? Or are they just taking points from a book they read somewhere or recently Googled.

Are they an expert? Just because they look like they have spoken on stage, doesn't mean they have. Jump up on a stage before or after a show you attend, have someone take a picture as if you are the speaker. Yea, I've seen it done before and see it on profiles.

Event experts? You know those pricey events you attend? Or those memberships you have to pay for? You see the sponsors? You see the same people all the time? Guess what? - They aren't making money off the expert advice they give - they are making money off the sponsors, events and memberships they sell you. More people attend, the more they can hype up and get a "better. known speaker" for next time. And keep selling the bs. Oh and they are usually friends promoting each others' businesses. Kind of funny how it's the same panel?

Another redflag - you can't promote your business as a guest (unless you pay). Then why ask you as a guest expert?

Marketing Agencies? Hubspot resellers, templates, Chatgpt, SEO Experts, Social Media Advertisers - they all do the same templated stuff. Yes, they do. They say they are industry specific experts - but do you know why that is? Because they template the same stuff into the same type of companies. They use Smart Campaigns in Google to run your SEO. Template. They run and create email blasts (they are reselling you HUBSPOT TOOLS you can buy yourself0. This lists go on and on.


Influencers? They just tell you what you want to hear and get you to buy into what they sell. They know you follow them. Eat up what they say. Because they know they got you and know you are in a desperate spot. They change what they say from one post to the next. From one video to the next. DO what I DO. They tell you to NOT sell your products and services but what do they do? Sell their products and services!

But what's the real story behind them?

They got fired from the company they started, then sued them, got a $500,000 payout - bought Forbes articles to showcase them and the charade starts. Guess who??