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You Better UnFollow Me

I took a social media cleanse for a while. And as it was going to be LONG term, I got too many requests, emails, texts and calls from friends & colleagues who pleaded with me to stay on.

Why did they ask me to stay on? For one reason, I speak the truth and I'm not afraid to speak it. My posts are honest, real and what everyone WANTS to say but are too scared to say.

So if you are one who doesn't want to hear the truth, then you better unfollow me.

Several things happened over these last few weeks.

  1. I proved these LinkedIn and social media Influencers wrong (so you should stop listening to them now)

  2. I proved that these influencers are telling you one thing but clearly doing another

  3. You don't need videos

  4. You don't need to be vulnerable

  5. You don't need hashtags

How do I know this? My largest post to date (and still growing from a few weeks ago) had none of these above. Just truth. And that's what wins.

No sad abuse stories. Bad childhoods. Divorce. Addiction. If companies only want to do business with you because you harbor these things, then shame on them. So QUIT LISTENING to these influencers telling you that THIS IS HOW YOU WIN on social media.

Life is hard. Some people had a shitty start. Some people are living it now. Some people get through it because they have support or the means to and some people don't. Some people need medication to get through the day. And some people are living with guilt and shame. But does the world need to know this? Or is it a ploy? I mean, do you really know they went through what they have? I mean, it's just their word. So is it true and do you need to air out your dirty laundry?

So if you don't like the truth, then unfollow me. If you don't like honest then unfollow me.

I will be calling out Marketing practices and how companies are doing the same tactics as in the 80s & 90s but attaching "digital" to it.

I will call out BDR/SDR practices.

I will call out marketing executives who are the blame game and taking credit for what THEY don't do. And it's a common practice.

I will call out video productions and what to watch for. Are they working FOR you or are they just templating their style? I'll tell you what to watch out for. After all, I had the privilege to work side by side with one of the best video production teams for over a year. So I would know.

So if you aren't ready for honesty and truth, then unfollow me.

I also realized that I took 2 years to connect locally with more "local connections." Which for a while it was great, I realized, I was holding myself and business BACK! When I just did business as usual, my company is international. Yes. North America. Mexico. UK. France. And almost Japan (but I lost that deal).

So I realized, by staying local, I was doing a disservice for my business by staying in a closed off market and seeing just what local means. It's like a high school click. If you're not part of the IN crowd, then you are out.

So I'm back. Who's ready?

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