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Your SEO is Missing this Key Element

Most companies think SEO is a few keywords and then it's over. Some marketing firms

that specialize in SEO tend to miss this key element. SEO is not just concentrating on keywords, they want to be found!

And that's the whole point. Being found.

But what do your customers want? Do you know what local businesses want? What local customers want? TO FIND YOU! LOCALLY.

Most companies overlook Local SEO.

Attracting a local audience is a great business strategy. In fact, it guarantees you quickly work with people who can come back as they please if they want. Placing a local flyer on cars is fine or even placing an ad can get ignored.

You want to have customers who WANT to find you. And that's where local seo comes into play.

What concerns people today is the internet. Local SEO is a powerful tool because 4 out of 5 people prefer to look for local businesses near them. It's because people like the convenience & find nearby companies more attractive to get involved with.

How much influence does local SEO have on your business?

What is Local SEO?

Unlike regular SEO, local SEO optimization makes it easier for users in a place to find your business. People looking for a suitable company outside your area will backfire and make it difficult to find your brand.

Local SEO is a situational option to consider if your business model is a good fit. It's ideal for companies that rely on foot traffic (retail, restaurants, bars, etc). And since these industries were affected BIG TIME by the pandemic, it is pertinent now more than ever to have and be SEO local.

Get Found!

Want to see how you can enhance your local SEO? We will run a healthcheck for you. Click here and select SEO Basic - Healthcheck Give us a week to bring you the results.


The importance of local SEO goes beyond just increasing traffic to your business. It's important because more and more people have similar search trends such as "close to me" or "near me" when searching for a business.

Local SEO for small business models allows them to grow their business but also begins to aggregate the customer journey. Which is the most important element in any business. It's one thing to have customers find you but it is another to understand each customer, how they buy, when they buy, where they buy within YOUR business. (For more on the customer journey, Click here and Select Business Essentials - You Manage and watch the video explaining the customer journey.)

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Your competition is one of the biggest obstacles you will face on the local stage. You will always be looking for ways to become a better version of the business. It is to help them find deals for customers in your area.

It will also create a healthy economy for the area but will hate losing customers to your competitors. For this reason, employees need to know your company in advance. It is essential for new customers because they often stick to the first brand they like.

With local SEO you don't have to worry about your customers knowing about your competitors. Your brand will appear at the top of the list when you get a good local SEO score.

SEO often rank companies that are closer to the origin of the search higher. There is almost nothing you can do but choose a good location for your business. Just like in real estate, local SEO is all about location, location, location.

Local SEO can also increase customer loyalty to your brand. Easy to find. Easy to be loyal.

If you provide a good enough customer service, your business will be considered best choice. It will convince you to do business with you again and again, if customers need the same assistance. Remember, it all starts with your business at the top of the search results.

It is a great reason to make sure that you optimize your website in some way. It can help build long term relationships with your customers. And that's what it is all about. Being found. Loyalty. Long term. Exceptional Customer service and experience. Time and time again.

Ranking higher also shows that people like to do business with you. You are looked at and viewed as an industry leader. Which more people want to do business with someone who is on top of a search engine page vs. a paid ad version.

Where do most websites go to die? The 2nd page of Google.

In Conclusion

There is nothing to contradict the importance of local SEO for the small business model. If you want to get ion high rankings in google SERP and map packs, implement the local SEO process for your business. It will not only improve your ranking but also help generate higher revenue.

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