Want LinkedIn videos but don't know how to edit them to make them look cool? Or you do know how but simply don't have the time to do it? 


Well good news. Our team will edit your videos for you! We will make you look cool and like an inlfuencer. 


One time purchase or subscribe and save. Pricing includes up to 4 videos per month. 


How it works: 


Simply record your videos. Goof ups and all. Keep topics up to 2 minutes max. Send us up to 4 videos at the same time and we will edit them. Once finished, we will send them back to you, ready for you to post. 


Videos sent will be retuned within 7 days and completed. 


Complete instructions on "how to" before you record, logos, etc will be discussed prior to recroding and sending videos. 


If you have long topics and want to break them down into micro content, send us your "long video" (no longer than 8 minutes) and we will turn it into 4 micro content videos. 


Subscribe monthly and receive a 10% discount (6 month min subscription needed). 


Videos do not carry over. If you do not submit videos by due date for the month, you will lose them and it resets for the next month. Also - it is up to 4 videos. If you only send us 2, then we will do 2 for the month. 


Get started today! 

LinkedIn Videos

Price Options
One-time purchase
Subscribe & Save
$112.50monthly/ 6 months