Need us to do tasks? From one hour to 40hrs per week. Purchase a block of time and we will use it for whatever you need. Min time block for the month is 5hrs. Subscribe at minimum 3 months and receive 10% off. 

  • Web development
  • Web refresh
  • Content Writing, Creation, Refresh
  • Email Campaigns - Write, develop, distribute
  • Social Media Management
  • Account Management

For more than 5hrs per month, contact us direct and we will discuss which options work best for you. 

Tasks - Need Help? We got you covered - $65/hr

Price Options
One-time purchase
$292.50monthly/ 3 months
  • Purchase minimum of 5hrs per month at $65/hr. Suscbribe to always have tasks continuing and have our team on retainer for any tasks. 

    If more hours are needed for certain tasks, we will contact you. 

    Task hours do not roll over month to month. Use or lose policy.