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Retail & eCommerce

As Seen on:
Before ReShift
  • Updating Store hours & accuracies was difficult & time consuming

  • Could not keep up or respond to reviews in a timely manner - most times - not responding at all

  • Unaware how manual process was costing them money & hurting customer satisfaction

  • Wanting to increase Brand

  • Wanting to increase foot traffic

  • Lacking resources for marketing & advertising

After ReShift
  • ReShift's Listings technology manages all locations & easily updates accuracies at the click of a button 

  • 24/7/365 Online Protection

  • ALL reviews are responded to, automated & real time notification

  • Increased Reviews to average of 4.9 stars

  • Integrated with Google, Social Media for convenient management

  • Social Media Inbox messaging - one location

  • Increased brand & foot traffic through GEO Fencing & Video advertising

  • All without adding additional resources

Before ReShift
  • Walk in traffic was low

  • Social Media Advertising wasn't working & expensive

  • High turn over with sales

  • Website traffic wasn't qualified buyers 

After ReShift
  • Utilized ReShift's GEO Fencing Programmatic Advertising

  • Increased foot traffic & leads to over 1500 per month

  • Reduced turnover by 95%

  • Targeted key locations for qualified buyers and their true targeted audience

  • Reached over 2 million impressions each month

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Natural Pet Market & Grooming
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Tropicoal Ignition
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