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5 Point Assessment Audit

We help companies improve their sales by improving efficiencies and unnecessary time wasters. 

  • How You're Viewed Online against the competition

  • Are you missing profits & opportunities?

  • Profitability within departments

  • Completely Virtual

  • Assessment of SEO, Social Media, Reputation, Website and Profits

  • NO access to financials or P&Ls needed

  • 2 Complete Executive Reports

    • Online Report with what changes need to be made & how, long with areas working well​

    • Profit report based on each department within assessment, along with opportunities now

  • 72hr turn around ​

Lead Generation -
Get Buyers Not Demographic

Traditional Lead Generation is dead & a waste of time.

With ReShift Lead Gen technology & our partnership with the #1 data mining company in the 
world, we now offer:
-More automation
-More Buyers Weekly 

​-Setting apoiontments
-And ReShift does all the work 


  • Skip the line in Lead Generation

  • Guaranteed up to 25 Buyers each week

  • Buyers who are looking for your product/services

  • Stop targeting The Who and target the BUYERS actively looking NOW

  • Messaging starts with buyer not educating

  • Shortening Sales Pipeline by 47%

  • Converting more leads into wins

  • We do all the work & set appointments. 

  • Perfect for BD reps and Account Executives

  • Focus on buyers, not prospecting. 

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Process, Strategy & Execution

Sometimes putting it all together seems overwhelming and complicated. We eliminate all that by doing all the hard work for you. Easily and simple. 

  • Clean, effective process throughout departments that move the needle

  • Strategy that drive efficiencies & maximizes efforts without compromising quality

  • Execute on all aspects for consistent, fast results

Resources & Training

Sometimes additional resources are needed. We help companies by providing resources they need now. Long & short term. 
We also provide training & 
coaching in all areas of sales - Business development, negotiating, closing, team, management, etc. 

  • One on One Coaching - Executive 

  • BDR/SDR Coaching/Training

  • Team Coaching/Training

  • BDR/SDR/Account Executives Resources

  • Process, strategy & roadmap development 

  • Business plans

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