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The good thing is, we make it easy and do all the heavy lifting for you. 

Whether it is long term or short term, we can help you with where you are now, to where you want to be!

ReShift Services at a Glance

Assessments & Evaluations


5 Point Assessment 

We help companies improve their sales & marketing by improving their online reputation

  • How You're Viewed Online against the competition

  • Are you missing profits & opportunities?

  • Assessment of SEO, Social Media, Reputation, & Website performance

  • Complete Executive Reports

    • Online Report INCLUDES what changes need to be made & how

  • Free Report in 24hrs or less

Process, Strategy & Execution

Need more sales? Stumped as to what is missing? What is the problem area(s) that is hurting sales, marketing & operations?  

  • Take a quick Survey to Get Started

  • Assessment takes 72hrs

  • Deliverable Reports & Plans takes 1 week

  • Onsite or Virtual - Depends on Company

  • Fully generated reports Include

    • Profit Optimizer​

    • Online Reputation

    • SEO Analysis 

    • Common Denominators that are bottlenecks to success

    • Customized Execution Plans to fix problem areas

  • Evaluates Sales, Marketing, Operations & Technologies within the company​

  • Delivers full plan to with execution

  • No templates

  • Full, deep dive into company

Shaking Hands



Flat Monthly Rates on All our Advertising Options

Ads, Videos & Commercials Included in Monthly Rate

No Management Fees

Detailed Reporting

Unlimited Click Thrus

Window Shopping

GEO Targeted Display, Banner & Site Retargeting Ads

Enables you to reach your specific target audience with banner ads on websites across the internet. 
Site retargeting to re-engage potential customers 

  • Target specific audience 

  • Pick key targeted criteria to MAXIMIZE your advertising

  • Geographies, locations, zip codes, buyer personas, incomes, gender, etc

  • Perfect for any size business

  • B2C and B2B

GEO Fencing Ads

Want to grab customers from your competition? Or where your prospects shop? Visit? 

  • Advertise anywhere 

  • A "fence" is a literal area your audience appears. 

  • Target your competition's customers

  • Target key Geographies

  • Target by zip code, address, neighborhood or household incomes & more

  • Drive Traffic to your website or brick & mortar or BOTH!

  • Guaranteed impressions 


Reading Map on Mobile
streaming tv ads by reshift.webp
Streaming TV Ads

We all stream, so that means your buyers do too. So why not advertise on Streaming TV?

  • Every wanted a commercial but thought it was out of reach? 

  • Too Expensive? 

  • Needed a big budget to produce? 


  • Get Your Own Commercial on Streaming TV devices like Smart TVs and Apps!

  • Be scene by YOUR audience

  • We create your commercials for you - No need to be onsite!

  • Target Your Audience on Major Devices and Major Providers such as:

    • Hulu, Netflix, Roku, Disney Plus, Sling, Pluto, Tubi and much much more!​

  • Flat Monthly rate​

  • Targeted Audiences

Ad Creation & Graphics

Just Need Ads Created?

  • Display & Banner Ads

    • We create 6 sizes needed for social & digital ads

      • 728x90 

  • Pixels included

  • Streaming TV Commercials

  • Video Ads - 15-30 second

  • Digital Billboards

  • No big production budget needed!

  • Delivery in 72hrs

Professional Gamer
Video Ads

We all stream, so that means your buyers do too. So why not advertise on Streaming TV?

  • 15-30 second video ads

  • Non skip ads

  • Targeted 
  • Get 371% more engagement than typical display 

  • Perfect for companies that showcase products & services that need that extra visual touch

  • Flat Monthly rate

  • No Management Feess

  • Unlimited Click Thrus

  • We create for you - No need for onsite production

  • Or give us your own videos

Digital Billboard Ads

Consumers take action after seeing a billboard ad

  • Geo Targeted

  • Boost Brand & effectiveness of other advertising channels

  • Boost Credibility & Loyalty

  • No worries - we will create the billboard for you, if you like (included)

  • Affordable for any budget! 

  • Reach 80% of your audience each week

  • Reach 90% each month


SEO - Get Found Always

Search Engine Optimization

DIY or we can manage for you

  • Improve your company ranking every month

  • Get to the first page

  • Get to #1

  • Fix Backlinks

  • Fix & Enhance Keywords (without paying for Adwords)

  • We build a comprehensive plan for your business

  • We manage & maintain

  • Save time & money

  • Or Do It Yourself

    • Our DIY will tell you what is needed to do (and how long each area will take) each month​

Website Identifier

See how is actually visiting your company's website

Website Identifier

See WHO is actually visiting your company's website

  • Website Identifier uncovers 30%-40% of website traffic visitors

  • Name, email, address, phone number, social media, household income, where they work, source they found the site - ad, google, email, etc

  • Identifies webpages they visited

  • Get real time notifications

  • Integrate to your company's systems such as Salesforce, Hubspot, POS, Mailchimp, etc

  • Use for email campaigns, direct mailers, VIP list, etc

  • Perfect for sales teams - B2B

  • Perfect for Retail & B2C 

  • $1 per person - Set your own monthly budget

Website Id Pro

Contact Data & Intent Data all in one

  • Better than Zoominfo, Seemless AI and other data contact solutions. 

  • Includes intent data - Find companies looking for you!

  • Find customers you want to target 

  • Build lists

  • Key details. Phone, title, email, location

  • Search by: 

    • Geographical - local to worldwide​

    • Industry

    • Employee size

    • Revenue

    • NAICS or SIC

    • And more

  • Integrate to CRM and other company systems

  • Flat Monthly rate


Technology - Social Media, Online Reputation, Reviews, Listings

Social Media Marketing

We made it easy for those managing social media. 

  • DIY or ReShift can manage for you

  • All in One Dashboard - Manage in one location

  • Analytics & Ad reports - For All Social Media

  • Unlimited Users

  • Post on all social media feeds at one click

  • Schedule on calendar to make posting easier (set it and forget it)

  • Convert followers into leads

  • Low cost monthly subscription

  • YES THAT'S A REAL DEMO - Watch and see without a sales person!

Actual Demo

Reviews, Listings & Reputation Management

We made it easy for those managing social media. 

  • DIY or ReShift can manage for you

  • Automated response to reviews

  • Notifications for Reviews & Real Time Responses

  • Analytics & Reporting

  • Unlimited Users

  • One dashboard

  • Update multiple locations on search engines in seconds

  • Low cost monthly subscription

  • YES THAT'S A REAL DEMO - Watch and see without a sales person!

Actual Demo

Actual Demo

All in One Online Toolkit

Everything you need in one easy dashboard. Saves time. DIY  or ReShift can manage. 

  • Manage all aspects of your business in one convenient dashboard. 

  • Social Media, Ads, Reports, Analytics, Reviews & Reputation, SEO, Website optimization & Listings

  • Unlimited users

  • One location. One time set up

  • No set up fee & set up takes 5 minutes

  • Perfect for individuals or teams wanting access to all the above areas in one convenient location. 

  • DIY or ReShift can also manage on your behalf. 

  • Low cost monthly subscription

  • YES THAT'S A REAL DEMO - Watch and see without a sales person!

Franchise Marketing & Advertising Packages

Corporate Owned Franchise

Marketing & Advertising Packages customized for any size franchise

  • Corporate Dashboard

  • Permission based management

  • Management on a larger scale without a larger team needed

  • Keep a detailed eye on each location at. the click of a button

  • Connect and integrate Google My Business

  • Manage Social Media

  • Analytics

  • Advertising - Locations, Products, Services, Etc

  • Reviews - Manage & Auto responses

  • Listings - Manage Store hours & Locations Easy

  • Website Identifier - See WHO is visiting your website

  • Search Engine Opimization

  • Pre built packages or fully customizable

  • Multi Location Discounts

  • ReShift option to Manage

Franchisee Owned

Everything a Franchise owner needs without adding more work & complications

  • Corporate Dashboard

  • Everything a franchise owner needs without having to learn anything new

  • Perfect for franchisee owners not owned by a corporation

  • Makes own decisions when it comes to advertising & online marketing/social media management

  • Pre built packages - Just pick and that it. 

  • Customized packages

  • ReShift sets up - no set up fees

  • Flat Monthly Rate

Animated  & Explainer Videos


Animated Explainer Videos 

Animated explainer videos are a great way to explain your business, products and services in a fun way. 

  • Perfect for explaining a new or existing product

  • Explain your business in an easy way

  • Great for websites, social media & email marketing campaigns

  • Great for landing pages

  • Great to show in a loop at Trade shows & Conferences

  • Great for sales

  • Great for how your company is different than the competition. 

  • The list goes on and on. 

How it works:

  • We help you with the script to be 90 seconds or less

  • You give us your logo & website

  • We create the animated video with voice over. 

  • You get one animated video with and without subtitles

  • Deliverable is 1 week per video (includes revisions if needed). 


Need additional hands? Resources? 

  • Let ReShift be an extension of your team

  • Task Managers

  • Customer Success

  • Additional Resources 

  • Special Projects

  • One to One

Any additional resources needed, we can help!

Working Together on Project

BMW Dealer - San Diego

"Streaming Ads is the new way to advertise on TV. ReShift guaranteed us 50,000 impressions and delivered! We got 1500 leads in ONE MONTH!"

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