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Dan Marx

Dan Marx created ReShift after spending 20 plus years in Sales, Marketing and Biz Dev - in supply chain enterprise software. 

Over the years, he noticed companies were missing out on low hanging fruit. Even when they were growing.

Limited by Google analytics and website data - ends up doing more harm then good. Giving false positives. 

Over the last decade of running ReShift Dan Marx has worked with MSNBC's Marcus Lemonis of the hit show The Profit to start ups to Fortune 500 companies. 

Dominating the B2B space as well as the B2C space. 

Dan Marx's fast moving & impressive results are why companies seek him & ReShift out. 

With a dedicated team of experts - each having a minimum of 10yrs experience - ReShift transforms companies to new levels. 

R3Shift Marcus Lemonis.JPG
Online Meeting
ReShift can:
Build - Enhance - Review  - Structure - Align
For optimal success
Fast Track Your Advertising with ReShift Media
Runner Crossing Finish Line

BMW Dealer - San Diego

"Streaming Ads is the new way to advertise on TV. ReShift guaranteed us 50,000 impressions and delivered! We got 1500 leads in ONE MONTH!"

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