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Social Media Marketing

Smiling Friends
It's as easy as 1,2 3
Travel Apps
Why is Geo Targeted Advertising Important for your business? 

2. Connect

1. Tell us about your goal & brand expectations
Active lifestyle
3. And Collaborate
Push Start Button

Here's what You Get

Connect Up to 5 social Media Platforms

We create the content, graphics, images, hashtags

We post up to 5x per week per platform

We will create 2 videos per month

You approve/request edits for every post with an easy link, emailed directly to you or manager of social media

Posts are scheduled a week in advance

Share images, videos with us that you would like us to use (not necessary but you can)

Full access to our dashboard to view posts, reports, analytics for all your platforms. Also use to scheduled your own posts.

Won't interfere with existing posts or live posts. 

*Want to manage your own social media? But have the easy access? Or have an agency? Or you're an agency managing clients social media - Choose DIY


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