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Start Ups

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Before ReShift
  • No Marketing

  • Utilizing Referrals to grow business

  • Needed sales to get new rounds of funding

  • CEO was leading sales

  • Unable to close sales & grow pipeline at the same time

  • No Branding

After ReShift
  • Implemented ReShift's AI Driven Pipeline Builder

  • Branded Start Up with CEO Intro Videos

  • Utilized these videos on social media and email marketing campaigns, increasing brand & recognition

  • Best Buy, Sephora and HomeDepot early wins

  • Got next rounds of funding by consistently hitting targets

  • Expanded team into Sales & Marketing

  • Industry leader after only 5 years

Before ReShift
  • No extra resources for marketing

  • Lean team

  • Focus was gaining sales

  • Needed ,marketing & branding

  • No strategy

  • Reactive approach

  • Had a good website

After ReShift
  • Developed outreach & social media plans

  • Created social media posts

  • Created all content & graphics for posts

  • Deliverables faster than expected from Power Central

  • Branding increase

  • Website leads

  • Received continuous funding from investors

  • Ability to focus on sales and wins

  • Found "hiccups" in implementations that helped with pipeline timeframes & wins

  • Leading way for CPG brands to succeed

Start Ups
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