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Supply Chain

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Before ReShift
  • Traditional Supply Chain Marketing

  • Small internal marketing team

  • Wanted to capture more leads

  • Expand branding

After ReShift
  • Ran GEO Fencing Ads to capture conferences & website leads from shows they attended and did not attend.

  • Ran AI Driven Pipeline Builder to capture leads looking for their services

  • Expanding efforts of marketing & sales

  • Increased branding 

  • Created all ads and graphics

Before ReShift
  • Internal Marketing Team in place

  • Great leadership

  • Internal BDR team - typical smile & dial

  • Traditional Supply Chain Marketing

After ReShift
  • Created Campaigns outside of internal marketing to increase leads

  • Developed various email sequences and qualification outreach

  • Increased quality pipeline for both BDR and AE team

  • Utilized ReShift's AI Driven Pipeline Builder to capture companies looking for them

  • Bluejay became acquired by E2Open as a leader and now part of the E2Open family. 

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Supply Chain
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