1. Is the Free Questionnaire the Evaluation? ​​

    • No. It is the beginning questionnaire. The Evaluation is the deep dive which takes roughly 1-3 days. 

  2. How long does the Profit Breakthrough 40 take? 

    •  2hrs​ or less. And is done over the phone.

  3. Is the Profit Breakthrough 40 Free?

    • No. This is a highly detailed offering & backend work is needed to compile on our end. So there is a cost to it.​

  4. Is the Evaluation Free?​

    • No. This process takes anywhere from 1-3 days and then we have to build out the reports, succession plan and deliver. ​

  5. Can I just take the Profit Breakthrough 40 without taking the Free Assessment? ​

    • Yes​

  6. If I take the Profit Breakthrough 40 & the Evaluation, do I have to pay for both?​

    • No. The Breakthrough 40 will discount the Evaluation!​

  7. How do I Schedule the Profit Breakthrough 40?

    • You can fill out a Contact Us Form & we will send you a schedule link with payment option or you can pay for it direct on site & we will contact with schedule link. 

  8. Does the Evaluation interrupt our staff during the day(s) schedule for the Evaluation?

    • No. We typically need to speak with employees for a max of 30 minutes each.

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