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Marketing Agencies

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Before ReShift
  • Transitional Leadership

  • Great internal team

  • Tasks Management and resources being stretched

  • Roles changing and limiting availability

After ReShift
  • Created Graphics for clients for social media posts

  • 12 campaigns per month per client

  • Helped team have breathing room

  • Worked side by side launching campaigns 

  • Campaigns were always ready and available a month in advance utilizing our social media marketing platform

Before ReShift
  • Changing roles

  • Resources being used in other areas

  • Expanding businesses

  • Messaging seemed templated

After ReShift
  • Created and developed animated video

  • Clear messaging

  • Extended content to be used in wide areas such as social media and email marketing

  • Helped take tasks off resources plates making them more flexible

  • Focus on other areas by transitioning roles without losing focus, time or goal

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