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Advertising that Drives Results
  • Everyone has access to the data, we just analyze it better for your company.

  • We focus on the way your buyers BUY rather than selling them a product - Faster ROI and key targeted. 

  • Drive Net New and Retain

  • Branding on Scale

Business Team
Business Consultation
It's as easy as 1,2 3
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Why is Geo Targeted Advertising Important for your business? 

2. Select Your Audience

1. Select Your Budget
A presentation at the office
3. Select - Local, Regional or National
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And That's It!
Options as low as $1,000 a month!
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Graphic Design

GEO Targeted Display, Banner & Site Retargeting Ads

Enables you to reach your specific target audience with banner ads on websites across the internet. 

Whether they are on their phone, laptop, desktop or tablet.

Perfect for: Branding, Longevity, Trust Building, New Products, New Services, Ongoing, Locations, Customer Service, Building & Growth

Starting at $1000 per month - No management fees!


Reading Map on Mobile

GEO Fencing Ads

Want to grab customers from your competition? Or where your prospects shop? Visit? 

Geo Fencing captures your potential customers whenever they walk through a GEO fenced area. 

We place the fence (min of 20 locations) and 3 days later - poof - they start seeing your ad. 

Starting at $3,000 per month - No Managament fees!


Video Ads

15-30 second Video Ads that CAN'T be skipped! 

Just like display but a cool video! These 15 second ads have 237% higher viewing rate than traditional ads!

Starting at $1,750 per month - No Management Fees

Streaming TV Ads 

Ever wanted your very own commercial? It's not just for the big companies anymore!

30 seconds and your ad will be a real commercial seen on any streaming device: Smart TVs, Phones, Tablets, Gaming Consoles, Computers

Your commercial being seen when your audience is watching their favorite shows, movies, binge watching or ondemand! 

No commercial? No worries - we will make one for you for FREE!

Starting at $3,000 per month

streaming tv ads by reshift.webp
Digital Billboard Ads

Consumers take action after seeing a billboard ad

  • Geo Targeted

  • Boost Brand & effectiveness of other advertising channels

  • Boost Credibility & Loyalty

  • No worries - we will create the billboard for you, if you like (included)

  • Reach 80% of your audience each week

  • Reach 90% each month

  • Local, Regional & National

Starting at $2000 per month

Social Media Ads

Managed & Set Up - No Smart Campaigns!

Meta (Facebook)



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