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Who We Serve
  • Whether it is B2B or B2C - ReShift's advertising solutions work for any type of business. We will help guide you through the best option(s) based on:

    • Your goals

    • Proven Success in your Industry and

    • Best ROI. 

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Types of Advertising
  • GEO Targeted

  • Programmatic

  • Social

  • Google

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Why is Geo Targeted Advertising Important for your business? 

Advertising that Drives Results 

  • Targeted! Reach Your Audience wherever they are!

  • Personalized Content

  • Cost Effective

  • Increases Foot Traffic For Retail

  • Increases Web & Brand Traffic

  • Improved Insights

What is Geo Targeted Advertising? 
  • Geo Targeted Advertising is a Marketing Strategy that uses Location Data to deliver Targeted Ads to Specific Audiences based on their locations. 

  • By using this method, businesses (both B2B and B2C) can deliver personalized content to potential customers in their areas, which increase engagement & conversions. 

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Results - ROI is HUGE

The Benefits of Geo Targeted Advertising

  • Increased ROI - We follow the data & manage based on the buyer - No templates or set it & forget it. Our team manages, literally. 

  • Improved Customer Experience

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness

  • Competitive Advantage

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In Conclusion
  • GEO Targeted Advertising is an important marketing strategy that can help you reach your targeted audience

  • More Effectively

  • Increase Engagement & Conversions

  • Complete Transparency

  • By using this method, you can deliver personalized content to potential customers where they live, eat sleep. shop and work

  • Gaining Competitive Advantage in your market over the competition - no matter what the size

  • Unprecedented Reporting

    • Heat Maps​

    • Graph Charts

    • Timestamps

    • Real Time Data

    • And More


Flat Rates to fit any budget!

  • Flat Monthly Rates

  • Unlimited Clicks - No paying per click

  • We Guarantee from 50K - 10M Impressions

  • No management fees

  • Ad Creation included if needed

  • Ability to Get Started Right Away

  • Scroll for details and Inquire anytime

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GEO Targeted Display, Banner & Site Retargeting Ads

Enables you to reach your specific target audience with banner ads on websites across the internet. 
Site retargeting to re-engage potential customers 

  • Target specific audience 

  • Pick key targeted criteria to MAXIMIZE your advertising

  • Geographies, locations, zip codes, buyer personas, incomes, gender, etc

  • Perfect for any size business

  • B2C and B2B

  • Local, Regional & National 

GEO Fencing Ads

Want to grab customers from your competition? Or where your prospects shop? Visit? 

  • Advertise anywhere 

  • A "fence" is a literal area your audience appears. 

  • Target your competition's customers

  • Target key Geographies

  • Target by zip code, address, neighborhood or household incomes & more

  • Drive Traffic to your website or brick & mortar or BOTH!

  • Guaranteed impressions 


  • Local, Regional & National

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Video Ads

15-30 second Video Ads that CAN'T be skipped!

  • 15-30 second video ads

  • Non skip ads

  • Targeted 
  • Get 371% more engagement than typical display 

  • Perfect for companies that showcase products & services that need that extra visual touch

  • Flat Monthly rate

  • No Management Feess

  • Unlimited Click Thrus

  • We create for you - No need for onsite production

  • Or give us your own videos

  • Local, Regional & National

Digital Billboard Ads

Consumers take action after seeing a billboard ad

  • Geo Targeted

  • Boost Brand & effectiveness of other advertising channels

  • Boost Credibility & Loyalty

  • No worries - we will create the billboard for you, if you like (included)

  • Affordable for any budget! 

  • Reach 80% of your audience each week

  • Reach 90% each month

  • Local, Regional & National

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Streaming TV Ads (aka OTT - over the top tv commercials)

We all stream, so that means your buyers do too. So why not advertise on Streaming TV?

  • Every wanted a commercial but thought it was out of reach? 

  • Too Expensive? 

  • Needed a big budget to produce? 


  • Get Your Own Commercial on Streaming TV devices like Smart TVs and Apps!

  • Be scene by YOUR audience

  • We create your commercials for you - No need to be onsite!

  • Target Your Audience on Major Devices and Major Providers such as:

    • Hulu, Netflix, Roku, Disney Plus, Sling, Pluto, Tubi and much much more!​

  • Flat Monthly rate​

  • Targeted Audiences

  • Local, Regional & National

Social Media Ads

Managed & Set Up - No Smart Campaigns!

  • Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads

  • One time campaign set up fee

  • Management fee based on budget = Flat Rate

  • We use full budget for all social media ads

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Customized Packages

Get a Real Bang for your buck

  • Get a customized package that adds a variety of Advertising services for your business

  • Inwuire and tell us more about your needs/business goals

Ad Creation & Graphics

Just Need Ads Created?

  • Display & Banner Ads

    • We create 6 sizes needed for social & digital ads

  • Tracking Pixels included

  • Streaming TV Commercials

  • Video Ads - 15-30 second

  • Digital Billboards

  • No big production budget needed!

  • Delivery in as little as 72hr

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