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Skip the FREE Consultation because you have something NOW that needs expert help with now?

Sales & Marketing Plans Review

Do you have a Sales &/or Marketing plan in place that you want us to review?

1. We will review your existing plan

2. Offer any key changes - removals or additions to the plan(s) - give detailed reasons why the changes

3. Give you budgeting expectations

4. Timeframe expectations of existing plan(s)

5. Your expected ROI/Results

6. Additional Feedback

7. Follow Up Call to answer/explain any questions

$500 one time
Startup Development Team
Modern Office
Ads & Budgeting

Looking at placing ads?

  1. Is it the right option?

  2. What sort of budget should you have? 

  3. What expectations should you have?

  4. What to look out for?

  5. What's the best type of advertising based on your goal/budget?

  6. Need budgeting options?

  7. Need an ad plan?

$500 one time
Tech Review
  1. Looking to review a new technology?

  2. Want to know how and what to expect based on who you are reviewing - BEFORE reviewing?

  3. Are their others that you should be looking into as well?

  4. We'll help you review tech stacks

  5. Sit on demos if you like or be the ones to review them for you

  6. Help ask those overlooked important questions

$1,000 one time
Modern Workspace
Agency Review
  1. Looking to outsource to an agency?

  2. Ad? SEO? EMail? CRM? Web Dev? Lead Gen? ERP? AI? Social Media?

  3. We will help you review and know the inside track of specific outsourced companies.

  4. Who will deliver vs hype

  5. Uncover if they are truly outsourced or a white label company

  6. Their tech stack & their behind the scenes

  7. Ability to sit in on demos/pitch calls/meetings to help ask those hard & overlooked questions no one asks but needs to

  8. Have companies currently in mind you want to review?

$2,500 one time
Team Review
  1. We'll review your teams/departments

  2. Biz Dev, SDR, BDR, Sales, Marketing, Operations

  3. Structure & Process

  4. Payout/Bonus Structure

  5. Review existing process, hand over, tech, team to see what changes, takeaways, add ons, etc need to happen for optimal success

  6. Sales & Marketing alignment

  7. Communication tools

  8. Execution of all the above 

$2,500 one time
Similing Team
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