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"I Want More Website Traffic!"

You might be wondering, "how can I get more website traffic?" Because the thought process is, "the more people that see my website then the more wins and sales I'll get."

  1. Most companies think they should run ads.

  2. Others hire an SEO company.

  3. Some think they have a lot of website traffic and ignore the truth.

So how do you gain more website traffic?

It's not about gaining more website traffic. It's about gaining more buyers.

Gaining buyers is what a company wants. It's what YOU want. Why have a website that has 100,000 visitors a month but doesn't deliver any leads, sales or wins? Then placing ads to drive more visitors that do the same thing - NEVER BUY!

And people wonder why they have a bad taste in their mouths when ads, seo or marketing "doesn't" work. It's because the focus is driving in more of the same thing - nothing. Or better said, not your buyers.

You want buyers. So how do you get them?

Well 99.99% of the SEO world will "optimize" your website. They will focus on keywords and such. If you pay more, they will run Google ads (without telling you) to drive more traffic to your website to "prove" what they are doing is working.

Here's a pro tip that will save you $500 per month.

  1. Go to your GMB profile

  2. Insert your company name

  3. Insert your company address

  4. Insert your company phone number

  5. Insert your website

  6. Insert your hours of operations

BOOM! I just saved you $500/month for local seo and yes, Google will rank you higher by having these key areas accurate and present.

While having your website optimized, say what it should say, having all the right keywords, mobile & desktop versions work great - basically act like a website - that's where the story ends.

Case in point: This website overall performs the way it should. In fact, it's pretty great!

But they aren't attracting the right buyers. Every marketing effort they are doing is essentially working against them.

Their buyers are from North America, yet their website traffic is attracting primarily people from Israel. If the SEO was working, emails, social media & ads - then this wouldn't be happening.

The reason it is happening is because they aren't attracting their buyers based on their buyer behavior, to what they do, attached to their brand to convert sales. Thus, missing out on massive opportunities. In fact, missing out on low hanging fruit.

Also - this hurts them in their online presence and their competition is loving it as they aren't a threat. Having a great website with traffic - doesn't transition into buyers. And this company has been working with an SEO company for 3yrs.

Wouldn't you be pissed too?

Here's what their actual online and digital footprint are doing for them (or I should say NOT for them). This is where buyers live. This is what your buyers are telling you.

This needs to be fixed.

Social media and Google analytics will tell you the likes, comments, opens, web traffic, etc. But most social media likes, comments and people engaging, will NEVER BUY FROM YOU - if you don't target or attract the right buyers.

ABM (Account based marketing), Sales Enablement, etc - won't help either.

It would be like this:

Your company sells software. You go to tradeshow & set up your booth because you know people who come there buy software. You sponsor a dinner event for the 2nd night there. Have all your free giveaways ready. The booth looks great. TV is running a loop of your company. The brochures are ready. Sales & Marketing are ready to go (already a LOT of money spent).

Doors open.

You're excited.

Then one by one the "software buyers" are asking what pet manufacturer you are. What line of pet leashes do you represent. What is your main ingredient in your dogfood.

HUH? What? Wait. What just happened.

You targeted software buyers. Everything says what it is supposed to say. You're all set up and running. Sponsored an event only to have it all be the wrong buyer. While they might BUY software, they aren't the right audience.

While you said & did everything right, still got the wrong audience.

This can happen even at the RIGHT trade show but after - your online presence and website traffic conversions - didn't change.

Placing ads, SEO, keywords, phrases are all surface level.

Diving deeper will show you what's working truly and what is not.

If you want buyers - low hanging fruit - have all your marketing & sales efforts work FOR you, along with your website - then find out today what is working, what is not and how it can be fixed.

Get your Website Analysis Report or for even more details - order ReShift's Diagnostic Pro or Premium report.

They aren't free but you will receive them in 24hrs our less. Find out more than Google analytics or website analytics.

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