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Who We Serve
  • Whether it is B2B or B2C - ReShift's SaaS Technologies work for any type of business. Whether you are "Pet Friendly", "B2B Software", "Medical Field", "3PL", "Manufacturing", etc. 

  • We designed our solutions to help with the SPECIFICS not the semantics

  • Designed for any industry

  • Designed for any task

People at Local Market
Why is Geo Targeted Advertising Important for your business? 

SaaS Tech that Drives Results 

  • Saves time

  • Easier to manage

  • Speed up processes and results

  • Eliminates the need of a "super user"

  • White glove service available

  • Opens data & visibility

  • Simplifies without adding complications

  • Web based - no implementation needed

  • Easy integrations into other products such as POS, CRM, Calendars & Email systems. 

What is SaaS Technology?
  • SaaS is Subscription as a Service

  • Speeds up tasks that used to take up a lot of manual processes

  • Eliminates logins

  • Merges tasks management & visibility

  • Monthly payments vs one time annual up front 

Office Meeting


Accuracy & Protection is key - no matter how many locations

  • For both B2B & B2C

  • Manages your listings - your online information about your business

  • Hours of operations, location(s) & address(s), phone number, description, pictures, etc

  • Manages across 200 Search Engines

  • Protects & monitors 24/7/365 against hackers or competitors attempting to change details

  • Improves SEO & Rankings

  • White Glove Service 

Reading Map on Mobile
Listings Anchor
Working from Cafe


Managing your companies reviews is vital today

  • For both B2B & B2C

  • Improves Customer Service

  • Improves Google & Search Rankings

  • Let customers brag for you

  • Increases brand & trust

  • Easier than Case Studies

  • Fully Automated so your team doesn't need to learn a new system. 

  • Both for positive and negative review management

  • Real Time Management & response notification for unlimited users 

  • Daily Reporting

  • Capture categories & keywords details to use for SEO, emails, sales, etc

  • Easy integration with Google, Facebook, social media, etc

  • White Glove Service 

Reviews Anchor
Data & Contact Database

Find anyone, anywhere at any company instantly

  • Typically more for B2B

  • Direct dial phone numbers

  • Emails

  • Over 545 million up to date accurate contacts records

  • Search via company, industry, titles, regions and more

  • Avoid data decay - our system is updated constantly & consistently

  • Build your own customized list

  • Up to 30K contacts per year in base plan!

  • Unlimited Users

  • Better than Zoominfo & other similar systems

  • $799/month

Person Analyzing Statistics
Database Anchor
AI Driven Pipeline Builder

Everyone wants warm leads

  • B2B Only

  • ReShift's AI Driven Lead Generation SaaS tech finds companies looking for your products & services

  • Scours & searches the internet on a daily basis

  • Qualifies based on keywords & key search engines based on what these companies are looking for & to match yours

  • Easy to set up & pre built campaigns

  • Receive warm leads each week

  • Great to add to marketing campaigns for account based marketing

  • White glove service available

  • Add Data & Contact Database to find key people within these accounts

  • $799/month

Lead Ge Anchor

Website Identifier

Identify actual website visitors 

  • B2B & B2C - Literally any website

  • Identifies the person visiting your website

    • First & Last Name​

    • Email Address (B2B = work B2C = personal) &

    • 37 other data points

  • Helps verify:​

    • SEO is working​

    • Advertising is working

    • What sources are working

    • Attracting the right target audience

  • A lot of website traffic might be good or not - find out with ReShift Web ID​

  • Easy set up

  • You set the budget monthly

  • We'll show you with a free month! 

  • Perfect for B2B & B2C

  • Integrates with POS, CRM and Email solutions for easy sales & marketing

  • No VPN login needed to verify B2B visitors. Captures B2B with work from home & remote employees!

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